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  1. Go to ‘Find Your Signature‘, it will open up our Motherships website page and there you enter the Gregorian (12-month calendar) date for the day you are looking for…


  1. Find the Kin number for that day…
  2. Return to this site and go to the Search Icon above on the right and enter Kin number – eg. Kin 71: (or whatever Kin it may be) and it will bring up one of the many daily entries blogged over 5 years, relating to that energy…

These blog entries will carry the base frequency of the energy of the day, and the rest is up to you, to work intuitively to feel the energy as YOU receive it… This is an ALIVE system, which means the energies are always evolving, so allow the energies in, to ‘do you’ and in this way you receive resonance, or not… Try not to figure it out too much, as these energies are alive, and is best to allow them in, in an intuitive way, from there the mind will receive profound revelation, once the energies are felt… Feel into the latest evolution of this energy, feeling into the day of each Kin as it comes, allowing it to inform you… Alternatively you can do the same for any Kin number, or signature you want to explore, your birthday, anothers birthday, any special day to you…

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. _/\_ In Lak’ech, Vasumi.

    Greetings from a surprisingly snowless Estonia, from Kin 145: Red Lunar Serpent, a member of the Polar Family.

    Today is Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed. In my dream tonight:

    It was morning, the people gathered around me ( can’t quite match the faces ) and listened. I stated: “Today is Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed, a day of Flowering. It’s Yellow Galactic Seed year, and the tone Crystal refers to Co-Operation. CO-OPERATION people!”

    Today i also found out, that the Planet Art Network kin meetings are held on Crystal days.

    Now a story a little of topic, but still connected to the number 12.

    I heard today, that 2 of my friends are going to work in Finland, because they earn at least 4x as much as we do here and they want to go to Peru, for Ayahuasca Rituals, which I’m wishing to experience very much. The document that my friend gave to list for the job ended with number 12. So I was like “Is this a sign, should I list up for the work?”.

    I’ve traveled very few places in my 24 years of age, but I’m in a dilemma – Am I in Estonia for a reason? To help the local people? To be a Beacon of Light right here? Or should I go traveling?

    Wishing you Rhythms of Equality! Red Lunar Serpent _/\_
    Ala K’in

  2. The Astronomical count says 01.01.2014 was on day Tone 1
    Solar Seal White Wizard on 04.08.2014 it will be 111/260.
    End of long count on 161/260 12.23.2013

  3. Hello I accidently requested a call-back without actually submitting my number. I was thinking it was a contacts to make an inquiry as I am new to this page. I thought the call symbol was more like a live chat to ask questions.

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