“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to
walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.” – Chinese proverb.

Good Morning Planetary Kin…

Today we enter the 13-day cycle of the Red Earth… The cycle of listening for the synchronicities that reveal our path, when we slow down enough to listen for the messages being gifted to us… The Red Earth is symbolised by the Turtle, slow and sure, taking the time to listen for the perfect timing of each considered step, revealed through the messages brought to our feet by Earths allies, the creatures, the winds, the weather, each other… May our feet move slow enough to truly feel and gives gratitude for the Earth that supports us, as we stand, sit, lie on her, and feel that as the Earth spins and navigates evolution, so as one great web of life, do we evolve with her… May our timing become impeccable as the synchronicities reveal each perfecting step forward…

So for the next 13 days we will be tracking cycles, great and small, looking to what was before, to experience what is ‘NOW’, in order to focus on the highest potential of what is to come!

Kin 157: RED MAGNETIC EARTH – Saturday 5 April 2014…  Today we attract synchronicity as the purpose for the next 13-day cycle… We may find ourselves pondering on the evolution of consciousness, how we got here, what happened in the past to bring us to this time, where it is all leading… We may see the enormity of the cycles, as we travel between the polarity of significance and insignificance, recognising ourselves in the NOW of evolution… Our capacity to listen for the right timing of this day, sets us up to navigate the timing to listen for the synchronicities abounding for the next 13 days…

Kin 158: WHITE LUNAR MIRROR – Sunday 6 April… Today we face the challenge of grounding our capacity to listen, guided by our hearts, we bring order to our physical realities, navigating the polarity of rushing or listening to the correct alignment of our bodies, as we naturally clear and create spaces that reflect the feng shui of family… Spaces that encourage our capacity to listen to each other in a true, grounded and relaxed manner… A calling for the family home where truth can be shared…

Kin 159: BLUE ELECTRIC STORM – Monday 7 April… Today energy moves strongly, guided by an intuitive desire to dive deep into unconscious patterns of limitation, transforming them into energetic voltages of pure energy, allowing the chaos as we respond to the charge that serves the spin of evolution… That wellspring of energy, once bound in unconscious holding patterns,  rises up for transformation, serving to gift freer access to our breath, serving to liberate spirits to flow through us, unencumbered… As we listen deeply to our in-tuition, abundant energy is freed up, allowing us to navigate the abundant messages of synchronicity, activating movement of limitless evolving spin of pure self-generating energy… A day where we all serve as unconscious catalysts, assisting to transforming each others energy, as deep unconscious limitation is revealed, and swept away in the chaos that serves our collective evolution… A strong day of energy in motion – emotion, the greatest tip is to not take it personally or to project onto other that they are meaning to hurt you, rather give thanks for each being as the catalyst to making your unconscious limitation conscious, and allow the change!!!  For twas only energy that was stored in your unconscious (that was for some reason that made sense at a time long gone by) resistant to receiving the abundance that our Earth wishes to share in each given moment… So open yourself to navigating the chaos that this truth in time reveals, as an ever evolving state of charge and change, and simply navigate the synchronicity, allowing your in-tuition and dreams to guide you… Celebrate the activation that is gifted from the depth of your unconscious motivation for evolving transformation… Celebrate and give thanks for the chaos of change…

Kin 160: YELLOW SELFEXISTING SUN – Tuesday 8 April… From yesterdays strong movement of energy, today the mind defines and measures the form that the freed up energy will take, as we question all thought forms that held that energy in place… Today a fearless intelligence guides our capacity to illuminate our minds and think outside of the box, resulting in a greater freedom to listen to and navigate more lightly and rightly the timing revealed through the synchronicity that is gifted, each and every day… To quest-i-on everything that we held as real, and to seek the light in the darkness, ‘What thought forms bring the greatest illumination?’ What fears keep me in limitation?’  ‘What must I release in order to evolve?’

Kin 161: RED OVERTONE DRAGON – Wednesday 9 April… Today we are guided to go with the flow, responding in the moment empowers a sense of response-ability… An ability to flow with the intensity of  enlivened life force, birthing anew our connection to the Divine Mother… Responsive, limitless, radiating care and nurturing all that we find in our fluid path… To allow our blood to become vibrant, radiating in the flow of pure timing, responding to birthing anew in a radiant power that is nurturing and alive…

Kin 161: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIND – Thursday 10 April… Today our bodies become the clear channels of energy moving through us, as a hollow bamboo… To breathe and allow spirit to use this vehicle as  synchronic movement, organised in divine timing – to dance, to breathe, to do yoga, to sing, to be a messenger in the perfect timing of the goddess/gods… A Ho Mitakuye Oyasin – to all our relations!

Kin 162: BLUE RESONANT NIGHT – Friday 11 April… Again today we dive deeper into the unconscious to get a birds eye view of all that may keep us in limitation… Today we are inspired to allow all to rise into the light of day, to be seen, and viewed from the perspective of much greater cycles… Cycles that look to the greater picture of the where from and why of any limitation and repression… In viewing this, the energy of limitation bubbles up to fuel our dreams and create anew a resonance with the abundance which is everyones birthright on this divine planet… This resonance is guided by our far-reaching and creative vision, which attunes us to a deep intuitive listening to the signals of synchronicity, which in turn fuels our dreams and the resonance we feel when we are inspired by those dreams, informs right timing… Through listening and attuning to the perfect timing of sharing what we have, there becomes enough for all of life to thrive and  evolve, with all attuned to the deep contract of our planet, of abundance for all beings, which informs the spin of ever-growing evolution, with synchronicity directing us to listen to the Earths timely messengers, the animals, the weather, each other, sharing all we have…

Kin 163: YELLOW GALACTIC SEED – Saturday 12 April… With the awareness of abundance for all begins as our collective dreaming, today we integrate this through sharing our thoughts on what it is to collectively target the most harmonic co-creative futures… With the greatest growth in mind, harmonising the most beautiful ideas together can guide us into the spin of targeting our greatest potential r-evolution… To model what this growth of harmony and beauty is, we become aware of co-creating with consciousness itself through listening and evolving through navigating synchronicity… Assisting all our seeds to flower and co-create the fecundity of the greatest forest of conscious awareness of the promises of abundance for our future generations…  

Kin 164: RED SOLAR SERPENT – Sunday 13 April… Today the pulse is on, as the previous 9 days bring an intense build-up of energy and pure life-force that guides us to respond to the present moment with a deep and caring nurturing of all of life… Here evolution is realised as the immediate response-ability to this ever-present NOW, an intense and nurturing instinct for survival that navigates the ever-turning cycles, pulsing in the divine timing of the synchronic order… A HO!

Kin 165: WHITE PLANETARY WORLDBRIDGER – Monday 14 April… Today evolution is perfected as a deep receptive let go, surrendering and allowing the greatest opportunities to come to us with no resistance… Anchoring a timeless receptivity in our physical forms, we are imbued with a surrender that carries no resistance to receiving, gifting opportunities for doors to open and weave the connections that produce the miracle of the ongoing evolution of collective consciousness… Tis a good day to die, to surrender any attachment, to let go and let goddess. A deep relaxation into this timeless moment of evolution, perfecting what it is to be done… The Turtle that has built the inner entropy that draws to it all the synchronicity that will assure that each step is potent and full of manifestation… A Ho dear Turtle, thank you for the teachings of surrendering deeply inside, to build this energy of manifestation with the least stress, a ho E-love-ution… Blessed be are we who choose to listen and receive deeply the opportunities to  awake to the cycles of true time, in perfect timing aligned with the synchronicities that continually wish to guide us HOME!

Kin 166: BLUE SPECTRAL HAND – Tuesday 15 April… Today we release all the extraneous energy built up over the past 10 days, as we are now set to evolve in the most honed and perfected way… So now freedom lies in the quickening of our steps, where each step is finely honed to spin and free up all that requires  healing…  Each step making known all that no longer serves, we may now navigate our way forward into the the greatest accomplishments… Liberated in our movement, as all stores of unneeded or held energy are dissolved… We come to know, to heal, to accomplish the freedom of being aligned in the spin of conscious evolution…

Kin 167: YELLOW CRYSTAL STAR – Wednesday 16 April… And so today, free of extraneous energy, our minds have no agenda, and are able to co-operate, guided by the luminosity of our in-deep-end-dance… Independent thinking guides us towards co-creating beauty in our communities… Our common-unity meeting in the brilliant luminescence of flowering, as we recognise our soul families as those that have done the work of listening to the Earth and are willing to co-create with us, the most harmonic and beautiful realities that reveal illuminated sovereignty as the guide…  The capacity to think outside of the box of old paradigm thinking and create connected geometries of communal and inter-connected thought… Universalising harmonic thought forms that connect the collective mind and build the next layer of divine evolution, synchronicity at its most dedicated co-creation…

Kin 168: RED COSMIC MOON – Thursday 17 April… And so we reach the peak of the pure presence of the synchronic order of time, evolution at its most pure, the deeper inner exploration of heightened sensitivity to the flow of clear and clean expanding consciousness… A Ho beloveds, the purity of being the flow, the evolution, the awakening to being connected to the pure consciousness beyond the dishamonic matrix… BEING the pure presence of Universal Water, the brilliance of the flow guided by the most divine wakefulness, the willingness to be exploratory awakening personified, ever expanding in divine purity – pure Evolving-solution… Allow this divine consciousness, this spiritual presence to flow deeply in your blood to enliven and awaken your body, as it spins in the ever-evolving flow, navigating the pure and holy flow of times synchronic order…


The beauty of simple and harmonic evolution, is humbling indeed, and yet still the clutches of a world gone mad, as it attempts to get its claws in, is felt, and the message that keeps reverberating throughout the harmony that is co-created here, is to keep praying, keep building the light field with the humility that shines through a people whose power of prayer is unsurpassed on our beloved and crazy planet, and all is blessed… As I witness the arrival of more and more fragile beings, suffering from the non-reality of an imposed and disharmonic way of life, makes the job more intense, so let us receive this and renew our work and our vow to prayer, and know that we are connected across the planet with all Kin dedicated to evolve Love and Harmony to a world gone mad… Let us believe in miracles and know they are alive and well in our realities, as revealed in the daily synchronicities that are sent to us directly from the divine and beautiful evolving consciousness…
In blessed love and divine inspiration I dedicate this to the beauty and sacredness that evolves everyday here on this island through the Prayers of the women… Thankyou for the inspiration to renew my dedication to prayer… To feel the harmony and beauty that is sacred here, in the natural honouring of the all that is…

As astrologer Leah Whitehorse says (in www.leahwhitehorse.com ) –
“It’s as though the human race has been asleep for a long time and we have consequently faced the darkest aspects of ourselves and what we are capable of. Humankind has been tempted away by the promise of riches other than those that bountiful Mother nature offers.

We took our beautiful garden and laid waste to it. And one day, the world we live in now, our cities and empires, our banks and institutions – all these will be dust. “

Let go of desire for more, more of everything and surrender into prayer and allow consciousness to bring all that is yours, share it with others, and success is assured…

Blessed be to all of life and the divine reflections of this template of harmony that is the Mayan Dreamspell, doing its job to reveal that all is connected, when we choose to listen for the synchronic order…



This cycle I am including the writing a friend astrologer Richard Giles as he links to other astrologers as well, all pointing to similar revelations…

The Cross Of Changes ~
The Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014
by Richard Giles

There are times in astrological forecasting that astrologers get very excited or cautious about coming large scale transits. This month of April is one of those occasions.

Early this year a Grand Cross began forming on and off in the Cardinal signs that will have large scale impacts on the world of politics, finance and social-cultural events (Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Over the last few years two of the outer planets are describing square aspects to one another that’s grinding away at our stable institutions and shifting everything we’ve taken for granted. Its the Uranus-Pluto square that’s been operating since 2012.

Uranus and Pluto are two of the strongest of our outer planets and play a major part in establishing the impact of new trends downloaded into our world collective and doing so, they cause massive alterations in our social and political fabric. This year is the fifth in a series of squares to each other (lasting through until 2015) and these squares are aiding the shift to a more sensible economic and political world system and also bringing with them a gradual collapse (sometimes faster) of all the systems to which we have become accustomed. Expect governments to try out rigid controls as well. Along with change goes breakthroughs and Uranus-Pluto are always associated with scientific, technological and medical shifts.

What is a Grand Cross? Briefly according to Bil Terniery in his “Dynamics of Aspect Analysis” classical astrology book, the Grand cross is composed of four square aspects and contains friction, strain and pressure. The dynamic convergence of these forces can also supply the fuel for people and nations to become completely positively purposeful.

The Cross consists of the planets Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. They will form the strongest aspect on 23rd / 24th April (in Aust.) and this cross will be also activated by the Moon on 21st and again on 27th April. What is activation – when a faster moving body like the Moon comes into the Cross pattern it will trigger the pressures and find weak points and thus the energy goes up several notches. These April few weeks are likely to be the scene of (or the seed of) dramatic shifts around the world and in your country, state or home.

Four Grand Planets

The planets involved are – Mars (action, anger, desire), Jupiter (beliefs, religion, expansion), Uranus (rebellion, fast change, freedom), Pluto (reformation, power, fear). This all happens most strongly at 13/ 14 degrees of the Cardinal signs. In the weeks leading up to the exactness of the Grand Cross we begin the activation of the configuration with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 15th April at 7.42 UT (in Aust. at 5.42pm [AEST] at 25 degrees Aries/Libra).

When the Moon rises that evening in eastern Australia, Mars will have risen just before it and the Moon will rise with fixed star Spica right next to it. And Mars will be at its closest to the Earth on the 14/ 15th (in its retrograde phase) at the same time as the eclipse. Mars will be bright red star just above and to the north of the eclipsed Moon.

This lunar eclipse is also very close to the fixed star Arcturus. These two fixed stars have a similar influence, being very fortunate stars. However Arcturus is somewhat grittier and more apt at dealing with the darker aspects of life on Earth, while Spica is more a sweet and innocent type.

Mars at that point will be at its brightest, the same brightness as Sirius in the night sky and is very red and Spica’s colour is blue. So we have the red Mars just ahead of the Moon and the blue Spica near the Moon (and it will be darker with no moonlight so Spica should be visible – maybe with binoculars) and this means we have the choice between the red (Mars) pill and the blue (Spica) pill ! The Moon will probably be very dark red/brown/orange.

If we chose the red pill (Mars) we have aggression and action, or if we chose the blue pill (Spica) we have too much peace and harmony (Spica is success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science). In the movie The Matrix, the main character Neo, is offered a choice between swallowing a red pill or a blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the Matrix, an illusionary computer-generated world. The red pill would lead to his escape out of the Matrix and into the real world. It was an either-or scenario. He couldn’t have it both ways. Spica could be misleading and what is needed is direct Martian action to guide us through.

Libra and Aries

The April 15 chart shows a big line up in Aries opposite 4 planets in Libra with Mercury (Aries) triggering the Grand Cross and Mars 8 degrees from the Moon. And the Moon is in close conjunction with asteroid Ceres. The Grand Cross moves closest into action on the 23/ 24th with Mars at 13 and 1/2 degrees Cardinal as are all the other three. And the Moon triggers it on 21st (in Capricorn) and 27th (in Aries).

With a close conjunction to the Lunar eclipse by minor planet Ceres and as she is the Earth Mother we could say that this Lunar eclipse is looking over and protecting in a Ceres way, mothers, children and families.

We get a clear opinion from Marina of Darkstar Astrology ( http://darkstarastrology.com/ ) about Moon conjunct Ceres stating it represents – “the wise elders who pass on their wisdom to their young and who serve as respected mentors”. This lunar eclipse shows a push towards a very supportive and nurturing family life, with an emphasis on women – as both Moon and Ceres represent the nurturing mother. With the focus on nurturing mother-figures and a backdrop of radical and dramatic change, it seems that strong women acting as our protectors, will be giving a guiding hand through these troubled times (Jamie Partridge: http://astrologyking.com/lunar-eclipse-april-2014/ ).

No Traditional Mothering Types

It won’t be your traditional mothering types as Mercury is conjunct Uranus. We can expect new and dissenting messages from our senior women on the planet. Will it come through the mainstream media? I’m not sure. But elder women will show a lead towards a newer way in April.

We can expect these women to be wise, strongly independent and honest with some good psychic energy thrown in. Watch for them as mid April comes upon us.

If you have planets in the positions mentioned earlier – in mid Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn you can expect the Grand Cross to activate your life as well. It depends on what planets or angles are there and you need an astrologer or your own astro-chart, if you have one, to see what the effects will be.

Even though the exact date of the Grand Cross alignment is 23rd April, it’s so huge it really covers the whole month of April and indeed we will likely feel the effects for a long time to come.

Putting it all together we get a picture of the clash between old and new – systems breaking down, established structures changing, revolutionary ideas, changes in family patterns, women moving into strength, changes in the old ways of doing, facing enforced change, and facing our fears.

Nothing will remain the same after April 2014. We have to adapt to changes very fast from now on and as Mars turns back to forwards motion on the 20th May, with the Moon in Aquarius (the emotional reformer and revolutionary) much of this will begin to fall into a newer place.

As astrologer Leah Whitehorse says (in www.leahwhitehorse.com ) –
“It’s as though the human race has been asleep for a long time and we have consequently faced the darkest aspects of ourselves and what we are capable of. Humankind has been tempted away by the promise of riches other than those that bountiful Mother nature offers.

We took our beautiful garden and laid waste to it. And one day, the world we live in now, our cities and empires, our banks and institutions – all these will be dust. “

“I think these times are forcing people to rely more on faith and trust and turn inside to a more spiritual place.” – Barb Hindley, Astrologer

See How You Are Effected – the Uranus-Pluto Dance of Degrees.
June & September 2012 – 8 & 7 degrees Aries/ Capricorn,
May & November 2013 – 11 & 9 degrees Aries/ Capricorn,
April & December 2014 – both at 13 degrees Aries/ Capricorn,
and finally in March 2015 – 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn.

Eclipse Times for Brisbane (AEST) are –

Partial Eclipse begins, 3.58 pm
Total Eclipse begins, 5.06 pm
Centre of Eclipse, 5.45 pm
Total Eclipse ends, 6.24 pm
Partial Ends, 7.33 pm

Richard Giles, 2014


You Can Run but You Can’t Hide..

” Take it for what it’s worth,
Go to the end of the Earth.
You can run, run, run, but
Oh, you can’t hide from love. “

Jerry Butler “You Can Run (but You Can’t Hide)” Lyrics, 1962


Richard Giles
Astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner
email: ricgiles@powerup.com.au
phone: 07.5435.0158
web: http://richardgiles.info/


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