Borneo_firesAnd here another call to prayer for White Magnetic Wind day by Anita Carlyon, a wonderful woman, part of a wonderful extended family that feel strongly for out Earth… In respect to her and her family, who have taken me in so beautifully and embraced these teachings so magnificently and because this is such an awesome cause for a real plight for our planet, I post this to you all… Blessings and thank you for participating…


From Anita…

Please join us.

For fire affected areas of Indonesia and South East Asia
Wednesday 11/11, KIN 222 – WHITE MAGNETIC WIND

Wednesday is a beautiful day to collectively focus our awareness on, and open our hearts to this global region. Our unified participation is a powerful instrument to restore harmony. Please take a moment on Wednesday to pray, meditate, dance, sing, paint, create…choose the practice most authentic to you and the time during the day that allows you to share your love and attention unhindered.

In the Mayan calendars, often referred to as Natural Time or the Dreamspell, Wednesday is the first day of the 13-day wavespell of the Solar Tribe WHITE WIND.

I feel this is a synchronistic day to tune into this area, which is calling for our attention. Each Solar Tribe corresponds to a specific region of the Earth and Indonesia falls within the planetary bioregion of WHITE WIND. It is part of the CORE EARTH FAMILY aligned with the HEART CHAKRA.

Perhaps as we begin to acknowledge our collective and individual responsibility for the ‘natural / man made’ disasters occurring at this time we will enhance our own awakening and deepen our understanding of the problems faced on Earth today.

Healing is harmony.

The Earth and we are One.

WHITE WIND is an instrument of breath, communicating between the worlds of Spirit and Form. Tune into the day, listen and feel its’ energy, communicate with your heart.

There are other synchronicities with Wednesday, which I feel contribute to it, being a potent day to be sending love.

WHITE WIND within the Harmonic Matrix of the human body is the right INDEX finger and is part of the FIRE clan. Indonesia is on fire; smoke fills the skies over Southeast Asia.

Its colour white (WHITE WIND) places it in the White Root Race Family, the Refiners, Spirit. The WHITE WIND Tribe initiates Spirit… so many connections to smoke and ash.

Wednesday 11/11 being the first day of the wavespell carries the first of the 13 tones – MAGNETIC.

The Power of Magnetic is UNIFY, its’ Action is ATTRACT and its’ Essence is PURPOSE. How do those words resonate with you?

This information is not to teach anyone anything rather to share the synchronicities I am feeling with this day – please contemplate the words yourself and your own meaning will become apparent and be authentic for you.

Also don’t panic, I’m not asking for prayer for the 13 days of the wavespell….it will keep on rolling whether we are aware of it or not, and will then be gifted wings, in the next wavespell…BLUE EAGLE.

11/11 on the Gregorian calendar is often referred to as Remembrance Day. We can find our own connection to that word. What have we collectively and or individually forgotten?

Wednesday is also the New Moon in Scorpio, also many synchronicities…. Let WHITE WIND and the environmental issues occurring in Indonesia guide you; bring harmony to both you and the Earth.

One love
One heart
One mind
One planet
One people
One evolutionary path
Here and now.

Thank you xxx

Thought I might attach a song too ☺Motherland – Natalie Merchant

So let us also see the winds supporting this and blowing in the opposite direction of fanning flames, to send the fires back over the parched earth and not forward into new forests… blessed be all beings xxx

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