Super excited to be presenting the Mayan Matrix at NZ Spirit Festival this year, hope to see you there.

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  1. Sounds enticing but its a pity you look only the “day sign” on its own.
    Its almost unknown that mayan astro signature just like chinese bazi has 4 core signs with the “year sign” being the source of other 3, destiny @ most importatnt.

    The “day sign” alone is just the center in which we endure social presure while among others nothing more.

    Without taking into account “year sign” overfocusing on “day sign” actually leads to wrong direction. Or “inner fire deviation” as cultivators call it.

    Not to mention these that have spiritual initiation/s (which is known as new birth) have of course new astro configuration added.
    Which superseeds the first that is considered “given its fruit”.

    This is not uncommond these days 😉

    1. Are you talking about on my site, or at the NZ Spirit Festival… Firstly there is only two hours to touch on the surface, of a depth that is endless… And secondly I feel we all come at this from different directions, and rather than finding fault and pointing out what is ‘wrong’ with what I am offering… I love the Native American teaching around respecting what has been shared, and then adding on… Rather than negating to get your own point across.. I find the NA way to allow evolution and a true respect and potential for me to listen and appreciate what you share, rather than firstly have to process what you are making’wrong’ about what I share… with the possibility of not actually receiving what you share… I hope this is clear, if not, happy to discuss further…

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