Sidereal Astrology Progressed Chart Readings


Discover the patterns you are presently evolving through, the challenges, the flows, the opportunities that are evolving your soul in this moment.


A Sidereal Astrology Progressed Chart Reading explores your souls blueprint at a particular time in the life, whether that be at the time of the reading, or at another time chosen by the client. It works on a a day-for-a-year process, with each planet evolving through the constellations, the equivalent of its movement for one day, for each year that the client has been alive. Out software will process this, and we get to explore this together.  You will supply your Date, Time and Place of Birth and I will have your Progressed Chart drawn up in order to explore it together in relation to what is occurring in your life.

This session offers a further doorway into the moment’s evolution, exploring the current patterns that you are learning and evolving forward. A current blueprint revealed as we explore the planetary codes as they relate to the cosmos in the now.

This session lasts 1 hr.


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