Kin 182: White Cosmic Wind ‘Spirit Presence’

Good morning beloved earth beings… So today is the 13th and last day of the cycle of the heart and understanding the connectedness of all in unconditional love… Today is White Cosmic Wind, being in the pure presence of unconditional love communicating across the worlds… Allowing spirit to channel thru us as we surrender completely […]

Kin 79: Blue Magnetic Storm (self guided) / Magnetic Moon 21 / Aug 15

God Morning beloved kin… Today we begin a new 13 day cycle/wavespell with Blue Magnetic Storm… As a magnet attracts energy, so today we attract the energy of change by generating a lot of energy in this new cycle… The first day of a cycle sets the tone for the following 13 days, so expect […]

Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun (self guided) / Cosmic Moon 11 / July 7

Good Morning beloved kin… So today we begin the Sun wavespell, and this morning I am receiving emails about the increased Solar Flare activity we are experiencing right now which is blacking out satellites and having effect on other sensitive equipment.. Well whatever it is doing for technical equipment, you can know it is having […]