Blue Planetary Night, Kin 23, Manifesting Abundance – March 7 2013

Hey there beloveds… Just a quickie from the airport traveling from Gold Coast to Melbourne in Australia… So today is the 10th day of the Wizard wavespell… The 10th day is always the day where the original purpose is manifest and perfected in the physical plane… So today we are manifesting the shamanic capacity to […]

Kin 238: White SelfExisting Mirror (guided by the Wizard) / Spectral 5 / May 6

Mornin All.. Today is the fourth day of the 13 day cycle of the Eagle… Today we work primarily on the mental plane, where the mind is re-aligned in order to become receptive to higher dimensional energies, becoming a reflector for many dimensions and with its reflective nature, only the highest aligned truths are received… […]