Day Out Of Time – Red Cosmic Skywalker 25.7.19

This Day Out Of Time or DOOT and New Year (July 25-26) the end of a 13-Year cycle of purification and initiates a new 13-year cycle of anchoring in a greater receptivity to co-creation, listening to spirit, reflecting on the bare bones of what is real by cutting away all that is not true. Collectively the foundation will be based on how to co-create a more loving world that supports all beings. It is time for greater care.

Kin 155: Blue Crystal Eagle ‘Community Vision’

Good Morning Beloveds… This morning I would like to honour my dear soul siStar Rachel who I have lived with most of the last 3 years in Bali… She reveals to me the depth of this days energy… Her capacity to hold the most divine vision of community and how to live in New Time […]