This Day Out Of Time or DOOT and New Year (July 25-26) the end of a 13-Year cycle of purification and initiates a new 13-year cycle of anchoring in a greater receptivity to co-creation, listening to spirit, reflecting on the bare bones of what is real by cutting away all that is not true. Collectively the foundation will be based on how to co-create a more loving world that supports all beings. It is time for greater care.

The Event below is in the north of the south island of New Zealand. All are Welcome.

Day Out of Time

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  1. Thank you for your supportive wisdom and insight; I deeply appreciate such guidance on this journey. I am Red Self-existing Skywalker, and I just wanted to drop a line and send blessings on this most auspicious day.

    1. So grateful to receive your message and share on this incredibly auspicious day YES… the beginning of a new era akin to the 60s… Last day it was White Magnetic Wizard on July 26 was 52 years ago in 1967… those 13 years from 67 to 1980… WOW bring it on… Viva la revolucion!!!

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