Kin 21: Red Galactic Dragon

Good Morning world… So today is the 8th day of the receptive Wizard cycle… Today we integrate our experiences so far, especially those of yesterday, through the raw minds capacity to jump into our responsibilities in a new way… Responding to fresh stimuli with new raw energy, to those things that our ours to take […]

Kin 229: Red Galactic Moon (Sunday 29 Sept / Electric Moon 10 Gamma)

Today is the 8th day of the Wind wavespell… Today we integrate what it is to allow Spirit to channel through us, through exploring the finer sensitivities of input into our minds… Sensitive to the thought forms that flow through and to the purity which brings the feeling of expanding our minds to a pure […]

Kin 240: Yellow Rhythmic Sun (self guided) / Spectral 7 / May 8

Hi there… Today is the 6th day of the Eagle wavespell… Today we find balance in our creations through having space to organise all that we need from the physical world in order to take our creative visions and projects the next step… Today is supported by Blue Rhythmic Storm, in the Wizard wavespell… To […]