Red Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

Great to be back with you! Today we begin a whole new Tzolkin cycle at Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, prepares for a 13-day cycle to birth the DIVINE FEMININE. Today is a portal day, where the dimensional doorways are OPEN – birthing new energy, activating the 260-day (9-month) Galactic Spin. Today is conception!!! […]

Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent

Good Morning … Today is the 5th day of the Dragon cycle of birthing the new, and the 5th day of the entire 260-day Tzolkin (Count of Days or Light pulses emanating from the Sun)… Did you know that it takes 260 days from conception to birth, and that is synonymous with Tzolkin round, and also […]

Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent (guided by the Skywalker) / Crystal Moon 4 / June 2

Good Morning Planetary Kin, Today is the 5th day of the Serpent wavespell… Today we empower birth through opening to the command of our instincts… During any new bEarth our survival is based on our expansion to explore the unknown, and so today we have the opportunity to become radiant in this raw awakening of […]

Kin 256: Yellow Solar Warrior (guided by the Human) / Spectral 23 / May 24

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 9th day of the Star wavespell… Today we are definately pulsed to ON the mission… I am sure most of us woke up this morning with a great sense of being focussed on whatever is our most passionate project of the moment… Up and at em… Guided today […]