Welcome to Creating a Greater Vision – Blue Eagle Wavespell, Kin 235-247

G’day Planetary Kin… The last weeks I have been in India and immersing in the great inner expanse of the sacred mountain Arunachala, and so in that last Wind Wavespell, (11-23 November 2015) the immersion was such, that I did not blog that Wavespell of Spirit, but purely and simply lived it!!! And now we have […]

Happy New Year – Welcome to the Planetary Wizard year

Well here we are again on the 28th day of the Cosmic Moon – the last day of the Red Solar Moon year, and it is a Yellow Galactic Human day… Tomorrow, on Red Solar Moon, is the Day Out of Time or DOOT and you can check on the Law of Time website to […]


The White Wind is the pure channel, all that comes through one as a hollow bamboo… Here there is no space to claim anything as ‘mine’ but to honour all as ‘thine’… Welcome to this cycle where we get to experience this first hand, and explore what that means, as Spirit channels through us the […]

Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent (Friday 16 August / Magnetic Moon 22, Dali)

On the third day of the Night wavespell we activate the dreaming of abundance through an enlivened sensitivity to the flow of life force… We become charged as we become sensitive to the strongest waves of energy that activate and ensure survival… Predawn we are receptive and open to many dimensions of ancient wisdom coming […]