Kin 202: White Resonant Wind ‘Channeling Spirit’

Good Morning Planetary Kin in a state of deep internal transition… Today I honour my dear friend Rahb who is this signature this year… A dedicated instrument of co-creation, anchoring a new system to receive the sounds of the New Time, adhering to SPIRITS messages each day, uncovering a most divine way to play the […]

Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth ‘Inspired Synchronicity’

Today I honour the mother in all ways… Our Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, Pacha Mama, Ibu Pertiwi, Gaia, who inspires us to trust as we look to how she carries and provides for us, even though some have not found their way home to their relationship to her as our mother, YET! I am inspired by […]

Kin 124: Yellow Resonant Seed ‘Inspiring Co-Creation of the New’

Good Mornin all.. So this morning begins this momentous day of inspiring co-creation by resonating with the New Time… Oh what can be in store? I feel the excitation building here in Bali as we head into a big event for the day and night… With the Aries Full Moon conjunct Uranus, ANYTHING could happen […]