Today I honour the mother in all ways… Our Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, Pacha Mama, Ibu Pertiwi, Gaia, who inspires us to trust as we look to how she carries and provides for us, even though some have not found their way home to their relationship to her as our mother, YET! I am inspired by the flow of her waters, her life blood and see all waters on the earth cleansed and purified just as our own blood is cleansed of dis-ease… May we find our way to ease and grace in our relationship to her through the flow of synchronicity that occurs as we trust the ebbs and flows of her cycles, her tides…

I would also like to honour my own mother as she was born on the day of Red Resonant Earth, and was such an inspiration with her creativity, her capacity to draw wonders of beauty and magic in a few short moments…. Her capacity to sing and belt out a ‘Louie’ (Louie Armstrong for the younger readers) with ‘I found my thrill, on Blueberry Hill’ at a moments notice…. And her never-ending loving and huge heart… Her love of the Earth having been brought up as one of 9 kids in the forests of the Waikato of NZ… Forest-dwelling earth kids from a poor family that discovered the magic of the Earth as children with amazing imaginations that were passed down through the generations to the loads of kiwi cousins that I grew up with… I honour her mother who looked after all and loved her divine husband who was reconciling what it was to be a creative spirit with being a father and did not have the support or privileges of these days to find the way to bring both those roles together and her deep understanding of his plight….

So beloveds, a day to honour the ancestral blood lines and be inspired by the gifts handed down … To attune to these bloodlines and purify all so that we may evolve forward in trust of the magic of our own creativity, and hand on to our children the beauty of nature and the Earth… A day for creativity to erupt, flowing in synchronous timing at our most evolved point so far in the radial matrix of navigating evolution…

Today is supported by White Resonant Wind… Inspired channeling, attuning to our breath and allowing a deep receptivity to many dimensions to pour through us fearlessly… Focused on the mission of questioning all that may block from past bloodlines, so that we may breathe and feel this through and make way for the pure channeling of creative divine spirit….

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Resonant Hand… Resonating and attuning our response-abilities to bring inspired accomplishments that heal and transform…

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Resonant Seed… And here I honour my papa, as this is his signature… What it is to inspire fearlessly the highest potential future that reflects the true alignment of ourselves in connection with the divine order…. My father who was in concentration camp in Indonesia as a 12-16 year old, as a prisoner, who never focused backwards and always looked forward to what could be co-created, using the sword of truth to cut away all that did not serve the highest potential… For all that he went thru, I feel I carry no conscious stories from his experience… He never spoke it and even through very deep deep therapy I have never found the remnants that one would think one would carry… So in deep honouring of my father and his strong fearless ways, forever creating anew… We traveled each couple of years as he and my mother would set up a new business and a new life, which has given me my gypsy wandering feet which I love… The day signature and the hidden gift signature when added together always create Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, that is what the hidden gift is – the capacity to continually birth anew. The stamp left for me from my beautiful parents, to who I give the utmost thanks for gifting me this life….

Blessed be dear hearts and it has been a privilege and pleasure to share my roots and lineage with you today… A HO!


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  1. Beautiful Vasumi. Thank-you. (And very timely as I sat with my sister tonight & discussed our parents -particularly our mom & her attempts to do the best she could with what she had. Hours later I sat in connection to the Earth in Love & Gratitude with intention for this rebirth that I am experiencing now.) <3 ~k

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