TIME FOR ‘AWAKENING’ – Kins 53-65, Red Skywalker Wavespell 5

RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL Welcome to the Time of Awakening as we are in this cycle that encourages us to explore, expand, open and awaken, to our place within the universe, to look deeper into the #’meaning of life’… We will explore this cycle through the medium of story, as has been through time immemorial, the way to […]

Red Skywalker Wavespell 5, Kin 53-65

Hi there beloved kin… We are in the beginning of the 5th cycle of 20 x 13-day cycles that make up the 260-day cycle of the Tzolkin, reflecting the cycle from conception to birth, or what is known as 9 months in the way the collective views time… The Tzolkin reveals the ever-evolving spin of […]