Kin 217: Red Solar Earth (Tuesday 17 September / Lunar Moon 26 Alpha)

Good morning Planetary Time-Trackers… Today is day 9 of the Moon wavespell… A day of realising flow as it pulses through us, igniting the life cycles of every interconnected fact of consciousness… Today we may awaken to the flow of cycles, expanding our awareness of greater cycles of time, as synchronicities pulse through us that […]

White Solar Wind, Kin 22, Bolon Ik – March 6 2013

Dear friends… Welcome to Bolon Ik… Solar Wind in ‘lingo Maya’… Bolon Ik brings me to the Temple of Learning in Palenque, and is also the signature of Lloydine Arguelles, Jose’s wife who assisted with the downloading of the Dreamspell… Solar Wind is the realisation of timeless receptivity and how the shamanic presence allows the channeling of truths, […]

Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand (guided by the Night) / Lunar Moon 1 / Aug 23

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 9th day of the Storm cycle, and the 1st day of the 2nd moon/month, the Lunar Moon, where we face the challenge to ground the purpose received in the first Magnetic Moon… The questions to ask – What is the action I need to take to anchor my […]