We have begun the 13-day cycle of the Red Serpent Wavespell… So let us look at the codes of this cycle to see what they conjure up… Knowing that from Day 2 of the cycle, for 10 days, the dimensional doorways will be open as new energy is poured onto the planet, keeping us on our toes, […]

EDGEWALKING, THE ADRENALIN OF SURVIVAL – Red Serpent Wavespell, Kin 105-117

Hi there beautiful friends… So today begins the 13-day cycle of the Serpent… So what does that conjure up… Let us look at the codes of this cycle and then see what comes… 1 Purpose – Survival, Instinct, Life Force 2 Stabilising – Surrender, Death, Opportunity 3 Activating – Healing, Accomplishment, Knowledge 4 Defining – Creativity, […]

Red Serpent Wavespell, Kin 105-117

Ok everyone, here we go, THIS is possibly the most intense of the wavespells in terms of experiencing consciousness from right in the epicentre of the drama of life… The Serpent is instinctive, survival-oriented, leaps before it looks following its instinct, activating the life force that is ever abundant through our adrenal glands… The Serpent […]

Kin 111: Blue Resonant Monkey (Monday June 3)

Today is the 7th day of the 13-day cycle of the Serpent and the 6th of the GAP days, in this cycle of kundalini, life force, survival and intensity… Today we become inspired to trust the abundance that is born of our deep connection to the dreaming of our planet ‘Abundance for all Beings’… Being […]