INTELLIGENT QUESTIONING, The Path Beyond FEAR – The Warrior Wavespell

Good Morning beloved Kin, Light beings awakening and arising together to enhance and embody the beauty of our abundant Pacha Mama… Welcome to the 16th cycle of the 20 cycles of the TzolKin… The Count of Light, the Count of Consciousness Evolving… Now we enter the cycle of the Warrior, the cycle of fearless, intelligent Quest-i-on-ing… […]

Yellow Warrior Wavespell, Kin 196-208

As we enter the Warrior wavespell today, it heralds 13 days where we get to face any fears uncovered in the last 13-day cycle (wavespell) of the Night, where we dove deep to uncover any unconscious fears bound up in limitation… So this cycle is where we get to quest-i-on these fears and focus fearlessly on […]