Kin 250: White Electric Dog ( Sunday 20 Oct / SelfExisting Moon 3 Limi)

God/dess morning to all… Today is the 3rd day of the cycle of beauty and the harmonic matrix… A time to dive deep into the foundation of all of life – pure harmony and sacred geometry… Today we activate harmony, beauty and our own creativity by bonding in love – allowing deep receptivity to spark […]

Kin 250: White Electric Dog (guided by the Wizard) / Spectral 17 / May 18

Hello beloved kin… So today is the 3rd day of the Star wavespell… Today we activate the bonds of love with our receptive and open hearts, anchoring more and more harmony into our lives, thru serving our families and loved ones… We are supported today by Red Electric Moon, guided by the Skywalker, in the […]