Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard (Monday 5 August)

Beautiful Kin… so today we receive and anchor the power of spirit, thru communication, sound, channeling direct… Here we empower the original purpose of this wavespell – love, heart, loyalty, family – empowered through our capacity to hold receptive space for deep communion to happen, with each other and with spirit… As the spider spins […]

Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand (guided by the Night) / Lunar Moon 1 / Aug 23

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 9th day of the Storm cycle, and the 1st day of the 2nd moon/month, the Lunar Moon, where we face the challenge to ground the purpose received in the first Magnetic Moon… The questions to ask – What is the action I need to take to anchor my […]

Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent (guided by the Skywalker) / Crystal Moon 4 / June 2

Good Morning Planetary Kin, Today is the 5th day of the Serpent wavespell… Today we empower birth through opening to the command of our instincts… During any new bEarth our survival is based on our expansion to explore the unknown, and so today we have the opportunity to become radiant in this raw awakening of […]