Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror (Wednesday 18 Sept / Lunar Moon 27 Limi)

Good Morning planetary kin… Today is the 10th day of the Moon wave spell… A day where all the energy of the past 9 days evolves us to the point of physical purity, that we may manifest a bridge for pure  consciousness to flow into our realities, into and out of our bodies as temples… […]

Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror ‘Happy New Time 2013’

  Good Morning Beloved Kin… Today is the first day of 2013, the year when the 13:20 harmonic matrix will be revealed more fully as the amazing foundation for all of life to life harmoniously with itself, personally, in community, planetwide and in connection to all of the cosmos… It is a wonderful day to […]

Kin 101: Red Planetary Dragon ‘ Manifesting Response-able Flow’

Aloha! So this is on of those days that although I don’t feel I am doing anything constructive, I am actually when I feel into it going with the flow of my responses, honouring my capacity to care for others in that flow… Honouring my sense of responsibility to the community through manifesting the opportunity […]

Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star (guided by the Warrior) / Lunar Moon 2

A beautiful day to all… Today is the 2nd day of the 2nd Moon/month of the 365 day Blue Resonant Storm year. Today is also the 10th day of the Blue Storm 13 day cycle, which is the 6th cycle of the 260 day tzolkin spin… 260 days is the time from conception birth, and […]