Good Morning Beloved Kin…

Today is the first day of 2013, the year when the 13:20 harmonic matrix will be revealed more fully as the amazing foundation for all of life to life harmoniously with itself, personally, in community, planetwide and in connection to all of the cosmos… It is a wonderful day to perfect our flow by purifying our temples… I had an amazing dream this morning, a dream of a school that is fluid, that has no rigidity… A school that has no boundaries set in the beginning and allows for the fluid movement for children to respond to their own passion for learning, rather than being dictated by someones mind… And that this is the foundation of the school, a space of pure learning, of truths coming through being allowed the flow of connection to reflect with pure consciousness…

218 colourSo today can manifest the flow which reflects the diamond crystalline clarity of surrendering to the perfect feng shui of nature doing us… Allowing this purity of reflection to suggest which doorways to walk thru, which opportunities are ours listen to and perfect… Today can also encourage to clear up and purify our physical spaces, creating more temple-like spaces which assist us to relax, everything in its place, reflecting the purity of spirit within which to surrender and share in a relaxed and pure manner with others and consciousness itself… Many I know that hold this signature are builders, architects with incredible ideas of building with and in nature as in Earthships

Todays support is Red Planetary Dragon… To take response-ability to clean and clear and purify, nurturing a space that encourages the wisest choices to be made… Taking on the responsibilities for cleansing and purifying the waters as one of the major projects on the planet right now… To listen to those wise ones inside that inform us it is time to take on the responsibility for our divine Mother Earth and begin to purify and cleanse beginning in our own homes and environments and going out from there.

Todays challenge that strengthens is Yellow Planetary Star… To perfect change by staying focused on the beauty of nature and enhancing that beauty in our environments… To manifest change through being connected deeply to the intelligence of nature, which informs us of the right actions to create a beautiful and harmonic earth…

Todays hidden gift is Blue SelfExisting Night… To define the dream that ignites the greatest connection to source for all beings… To allow the intuitive mind to reveal the changes that must occur as we look underneath to what is denied, to honour the feminine in all that is and allow her out from her hiding place deep within the Earth.. To embrace her as ourselves in order to hear her counsel and understand the changes needed to bring all into the light!

So beloveds an amazing day to begin 2013 with, it seems the year will be very powerfully looking to how we can bring our planet into glistening purity, guided by opportunities to use the most amazing technology that cleans and clears our planets pollution in a very short time… As Einstein or someone of equal import spoke ‘The solutions will never come from the same levels as the problems were made’ – so I say believe the unbelievable and we can clean up this mess quick smart so that our future generations will look at us in wonder and awe rather than in horror and disbelief! Today is also a portal day meaning there is opportunities to receive the truths of how to clean, clear and purify with cosmic technologies that we have not yet dreamed of that will allow us to flow into the New Time with ease and grace!

To honour those divine future generations that are already stepping forward to have their say, check out


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