Kin 134: White SelfExisting Wizard (Wednesday 26 June)

Today is the 4th day of the Monkey cycle of joy… More and more in this cycle I am witnessing how important it is to enter into the depths of our experiences, to keep anchoring deeper and deeper through our perceived realities, embracing compassion for all experience… Accessing the deep and dark womb, where indwells […]

Kin 225: Red SelfExisting Serpent ‘Instinctive Mind’

Beloved Kin… Today is the 4th day of the Wind wavespell… Today we define what it is to channel and allow ourselves to be the conduits for spirits messages… This occurs when the primal mind is able to respond instinctively to any impulses and allow direct communication to be expressed… We are all Spirit, we […]

Kin 134: White SelfExisting Wizard ‘Modeling Receptivity’

Mornin Folks… So today is the 4th day of the Monkey cycle… Today we work foundationly on the mental plane, defining magic as the capacity for our minds to be receptive and beckoning… Where the mind resides deeply in the hearts compassion, measuring its capacity to connect, each connection enchanting and encouraging trust in the […]