Kin 154: White Spectral Wizard (Tuesday 16 July)

Today may feel like the wind has gone out of the sails, as the energy dives deep, and we are drawn to receptivity from a timeless depth… Spectral is the releasing day of the 13 day cycle, day 11… where all the energy of the past 10 days is released and we begin a journey […]

Kin 154: White Spectral Wizard ‘Shamanic Liberation’

Hello beloveds… So it seems the Seed Wavespell has kept me from these blogs… I am coming to this today in celebration of a friends bEarthday and to honour her year ahead signified by todays energy… So the 11th day of every cycle is always a great day to release all energies built up over […]

Kin 107: Blue Electric Hand ‘Activating Healing’

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So today is the 2nd day of 10 days where the dimensional doorways are pouring through high vibration energy… Today is Electric Hand… Today we activate the serpent, the kundalini, raw instinct through trusting the healing that is available… Allowing ourselves to play with the actions that activate the most vital […]