Red Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

Great to be back with you! Today we begin a whole new Tzolkin cycle at Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, prepares for a 13-day cycle to birth the DIVINE FEMININE. Today is a portal day, where the dimensional doorways are OPEN – birthing new energy, activating the 260-day (9-month) Galactic Spin. Today is conception!!! […]

Kin 12: Yellow Crystal Human

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 12th day of both the Dragon wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin… The twelfth Crystal day works primarily on the highest level of mind, co-operation and is always a community day, a day where agendas have been released and we are simply here to co-operate, to look to what […]