Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun (Friday 20 September / Electric Moon 1 Dali)

Good Morning planetary kin… Today is the 12th day of the Moon wavespell of flow and purification… Today we gather with others to co-operate and shine light on the wisdom of FLOW… The wisdom that comes when we are in the flow of our lives and open to the intelligence of pure consciousness, the wisdom […]

Kin 90: White Crystal Dog (guided by the Wind) / Lunar Moon 4

Good Morning beloveds… So today is the 12th day of the 13 day Storm cycle… With Crystal Dog after having released all surplus energy yesterday and also liberated any sense of motive, we are now available to co-operate with others… The Crystal tone represents the highest level of mind, the minds capacity to operate with […]

Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm (guided by the Monkey) / Spectral 26 / May 27

Good Mornin Planetary Kin.. Today is the 12th day of a 13 day cycle, and the 259th day of the 260 day Tzolkin spin… Today embraces the highest level of mind, for the mind to operate with other mind… In the old paradigm the number 12 represents competition, because the acknowledgement of spirit as the […]