Kin 248: Yellow Magnetic Star (Friday 18 October, SelfExisting Moon 1 Dali)

Good Morning beloved kin… So today we begin the 20th and final 13-day cycle of the 260-cycle of the Tzolkin, and it is the Star cycle or Wavespell… The Star represents beauty, harmony and elegant design, and so on this last cycle of the Tzolkin from Kin 248-260 we are working with creativity and what […]

Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey ‘Let the Fun begin’

Yeehaaahaha!!! The Monkey cycle begins, gather up your inner children and encourage them to spring into the light of day, prancing in the light of joy! Encourage pushing all the boundaries for the sheer fun of it.. Letting go all holds and allow the learning to begin… For without pushing the boundaries we do not […]