Kin 4: Yellow SelfExisting Seed

Good Morning beloveds Today is the 4th day of the Dragon 13-day cycle / wavespell of birthing and initiating the new… Today works primarily on the mental plane and so today we get to define the form the birth will take… With the Seed the form is that of co-creation and focusing on the highest […]

Kin 134: White SelfExisting Wizard ‘Modeling Receptivity’

Mornin Folks… So today is the 4th day of the Monkey cycle… Today we work foundationly on the mental plane, defining magic as the capacity for our minds to be receptive and beckoning… Where the mind resides deeply in the hearts compassion, measuring its capacity to connect, each connection enchanting and encouraging trust in the […]

Kin 95: Blue SelfExisting Eagle / Mind flies!

Good Morning Planetary Kin… On first note, I wish to acknowledge the entirely new stream of energy flowing in, yesterday was Huge, the energy arriving was so new, so unfelt, so different as to insite true awe inside… So just needed to acknowledge that as I noticed there were many more people attuning in yesterday […]