Kin 108: Yellow SelfExisting Star (Friday, May 31)

I am sending through this day as a gifting to my sister… It is a day late as I have not had strong access to the internet over the past 24 hours… And it is a very important day and I feel such deep gratitude for her in my life… I tried to contact her […]

Kin 108: Yellow SelfExisting Star ‘Forming Harmony’

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So Kin 108… What a number is this, the 108 names of the divine within the Hindu way of seeing… Within the Law of Time, Jose always spoke of the Galactic Mind TransMission as GM108X… So let us look to this Kin and discover what it carries… So SelfExisting is the […]

Kin 238: White SelfExisting Mirror (guided by the Wizard) / Spectral 5 / May 6

Mornin All.. Today is the fourth day of the 13 day cycle of the Eagle… Today we work primarily on the mental plane, where the mind is re-aligned in order to become receptive to higher dimensional energies, becoming a reflector for many dimensions and with its reflective nature, only the highest aligned truths are received… […]