Yellow Sun Wavespell 4, Kin 40-52

Welcome to the Wavespell of Enlightenment, a time to connect direct to Source… A time to shine brightly, independent (the in-deep-end-dance) and sovereign… Yellow Magnetic Sun, Kin 40 Today as always at the beginning of a cycle, we attract the new frequency that flavours the next 13 days, and todays flavour is the Sun… Radiating […]

Kin 48: Yellow Solar Star

Hi folks… Today is the 9th day of the Sun wavespell, where we are learning the new value of sovereignty and independence… Today we realise these qualities, through focusing all our attention on the highest potential creations of beauty and harmony and allowing that energy to pulse through us… Knowing ourselves as creators with Source […]

Kin 48: Yellow Solar Star

Good Morning to all… So today is the 9th day of the Sun Wavespell in the Mayan Dreamspell ( harmonic matrix… The 9th day is called Yellow Solar Star… And today we focus towards raising vibration to the highest potency of beauty… Realising the elegance of the harmonic geometries of light, and creating by seeding intentions […]

Kin 191: Blue Solar Monkey ‘Realising Magic’

Good Morning… Today is the 9th day of the Night wavespell… and today I am going to push my own boundaries, in true money style, and direct you to my dear friend John’s blog, where he so eloquentiy relays the overall message of our times… John will setting up a subscription soon, so I […]