Ok the beginning of the 10 day stretch of GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days…

Today is also a PV day… PV represents Pacal Votan.. the leader at the height of the Mayan civilisation in the 600’s AD in Palenque in southern Mexico… On his tomb lid at the Temple of Inscriptions were found 13 clear signs… White Lunar Worldbridger is one of them… so this is the clue that was left us.. so let us go forth into the day and experience…

are beautiful words from the song of a dear friend Kevin James – White Magnetic Worldbridger… And this truly reflects this day in its potential of releasing all attachment to the physical dimension…

Let me introduce the 4 planes of experience, the spiritual (TIME) which is tones 1,5, 9 & 13 of the 13 tones…
the physical (LIFE) which is tones 2, 6 & 10
the emotional (SENSE), tones 3,7,11
and the mential (MIND), tones 4, 8 and 12.

Today works on the physical/life dimension. The worldbridger is all about surrender, the capacity to walk through the doorway from one world to another, to network and the opportunities that are available through non-attachment… Today we are working on the Lunar 2 tone, which means non-attachment to the physical plane to allow the physical body to be the doorway for cosmic energies to enter the planet… Today is guided by the mirror, which is all about right alignment, reflecting the endless order and so cutting away the extraneous dross to allow the perfect symmetry of truth…

So expect the physical realm to be a reflection of all that is needed to be surrendered for the above to happen… the energies are coming thru…

I would now like to honour Bunny Star today, she is a White Lunar Worldbridger… a true portal who is spinning new frequencies onto the earth at this time… blessed be dear sistar.

Let’s see what happens…
(Mother, Father God Isn’t It Wonderful!!!)

A great day to invoke the 7 Galactic Directions as introduced by our dear teacher Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan who passed 17 days ago on Red Spectral Moon and is now here with us with a deeper intensity than ever. An amazing man who has given so much to the planet, a true prophet and r-evoutionary of TIME in our Times…

Prayer of The 7 Galactic Directions

From the East, House of Light,
may wisdom dawn in us
so we may see all things in clarity.

From the North, House of Night,
may wisdom ripen in us
so we may know all from within.

From the West, House of Transformation,
may wisdom be transformed into right action,
so we may do what must be done.

From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,
may right action reap the harvest
so we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.

From Above, House of Heaven,
may star people and ancestors be with us now.

From Below, House of Earth,
may the heartbeat of her crystal core
bless us with harmonies to end all war.

From the Center, Galactic Source,
which is everywhere at once,
may everything be known as the light of mutual love.

*Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

*this means “O Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure,
All hail the harmony of mind and nature!”
This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language.

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  1. The perfect day to face the fear of death, however this fear might appear on the visible layers of our consciousness. With the support of the white mirror it’s much easier to discover it.

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