Kin 70: White Overtone Dog – 23 April 2013

Good morning Earth-dwellers… So today is the 5th day of the Worldbridging (surrender, networking, connecting different worlds) 13-day wavespell… Today exists primarily on the spiritual plane, and brings the powerful radiance of surrender, that is revealed through unconditional love… When you place the glyph/archetype/solar ray of the Dog into the spiritual plane, that love, loyalty […]

Kin 226: White Overtone Worldbridger ‘The Power of Letting Go/d/dess’

Good morning planetary kin… So today is 260 days since my birthday, representing one galactic spin into my evolutionary learning for this year… I have been putting off writing about today in favour of pure experience, and so now I am ready… I am also aware that today is a big energy, calling for big […]

Kin 126: White Solar Worldbridger ‘Realising Surrender’

Ah to let go and let god… The absolute bliss and ecstasy that beckons us from beyond the veils… Ah to follow the breath in and out to source and the cosmos… This is what today, the Solar Worldbridger, promises, as it abides in the central column of the Tzolkin, the place where balance arrives […]

Kin 115: Blue Spectral Eagle ‘Liberating Vision’

Good Morning Planetary Visionaries…  for we are all visionaries today! Today on this 11th day of the Serpent wavespell, we release the built up life force into the future, with our far-seeing inner vision… Flying above the confines of normal life, bigger pictures and creative visions are revealed to us today, in order that we […]

Kin 106: White Lunar Worldbridger ‘Tis a good day to die’

Good Morning planetary kin… It is time for us to look to what is really necessary for our survival, and to let go of all that does not allow our physical space to be the most divine temple, clear of clutter… So that we may move forward with the ‘isness’ of this moment, this life […]

Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror (guided by the Wind) / Magnetic Moon 20 / Aug 14

Good Morning Planetary Kin… White Cosmic Mirror is the 13th day of the Worldbridger wavespell… On the 13th day the work is done and we hold presence of the original purpose of surrender, letting go to allow opportunities for the right connections… To be a pure truly aligned in the truth to allow spirits messages […]