Good morning planetary kin…

So today we activate the vision thru connecting to the cycles of birth, navigating our way back through the cycles of time, to serve the great mother, to feel what it is that is needing in each moment… to listen for the internal responses that enable energy to move in the perfect timing… navigating cycles of the past, to feel past emotional patterns that are sparked thru synchronicity now, that are then re-energised in response to the feelings experienced, allowing those patterns to spark, birthing new energy, that follows those patterns bringing new energy into the memories in order to revitalise them as part of the evolutionary cycle, feeding that new electrical spark into the pineal gland, creating the electricity that activate the synapses of the brain, birthing anew the pathways of connectivity, activating the visionary pineal gland, from past cycles, birthing new energy in service to the creative vision of the bigger picture for ourselves and our planet..

Today we are supported by White Electric Wind, guided by the Worldbridger, in the wavespell of the Sun… So the light that is activated thru deep surrender to the breath traveling to create the bridges connecting the feeling limbic brain to the pineal gland… Activating by channeling the light contained in the oxygen, to create the bridges that are the electric sparks, the synapses connecting all the worlds, synapsing the connective tissues of the brain, opening the pathways…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Electric Hand, guided by the Monkey, in the wavespell of the Serpent… to trust the movement of energy that serve the activation of life force… to allow the magic of healing that activates and serves our bodies as the life force surges surges through the body… to allow that energy to activate the healing, trusting that the energy will travel wherever healing is needed…

The hidden gift of this day is Yellow Spectral Seed, in the wavespell of the Wizard… Releasing and liberating the New Time, the new potential that has been stored deeply in our base, allowing the potential of what can be to be released as it levitates towards the brain, holding the visions of the New Time…

So it appears dear kin, that our Eagle wavespell can reveal the activity of the brains capacity to vision.. I encourage all to go deeply into the codes, as these codes are apt for anything that you are experiencing right now, and the codes can be used to go deeply into understanding the finer nuances of all that you are experiencing… These blogs are just one possible way of defining the days energy… I encourage you to explore and share … this is a forum for sharing all perceptions, as each perception is as valuable as any other one… blessed be dear hearts, may the creative vision of our minds activate the highest potentials of the New Time!


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  1. hola soy ruth tengo una gran pregunta
    una amiga y yo tenemos una historia muy similar
    revise su tzolkin y no coinsidimos en nada me pregunto que es en este caso lo que nos une escrito en el tzolkin
    gracias espero tu respuesta

    1. Hi Ruth… Altho I understand a little spanish, not sure i understand what is being said here… are you able to english translate… i just tried spanish translating, but not so clear… blessings

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