So beloveds today is the 9th day of the Dragon Wavespell and is the Venus Transit – where from our perspective on Earth we can see Venus as a small black dot crossing the Sun. In effect this means that we have an alignment with our Earth, Venus, the Sun and Galactic Centre. So a very strong day for transmitting the feminine essence of consciousness, shining huge light upon the feminine qualities of flowing receptivity… For more on the Venus Transit see here – and there are also so many other links that are describing this amazing event… So let us see how this relates into the Tzolkin

So Red Solar Moon reveals the realisation of what it is to bEarth the New Earth and the New Time… Guided by the Serpent, the Red Solar Moon pulses with the fluid current of raw instinct, as the universal waters are pulsed by kundalini rushes of consciousness… As we see with the Venus Transit, the Sun and Galactic Centre are sending strong pulses through the feminine planet Venus to be received by us here on Earth, aiding the activation of bringing balance to the feminine/masculine polarities here on Earth… Those pulses enter our great mama at the poles and today we can allow those pulses to come up from the Earth and into our base chakras, through our bodies and out through the crown chakra to connect again to Venus, the Sun and Galactic Centre, creating a feedback loop, where all is in connection, as we anchor more and more of the feminine principles onto the planet… Today we set the intention for a New Time where all is purified and cleansed…

Today is supported by White Solar Dog, guided by the Worldbridger, in the Wind wavespell… Here we see the pulses of love, heart and loyalty connecting all worlds as spirits breath flows through us today… There have been webcasts and synchronised meditations occurring all over the planet today, as we realise our-cell-ves as one connected reality, pulsing the love and setting the intention for a beautiful new world of peace.

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Solar Storm, guided by the Eagle, in the Monkey wavespell… To allow ourselves to trust the pulses of transformation which are guided by our capacity to see the bigger picture and envision a new world where the magic of true balance and respect for all is the foundation for all of consciousness…

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Overtone Human, guided by the Sun, in the Star wavespell… To empower our choices to become sovereign (of the source, free, unlimited) beings aligning to harmony… Empowering the most wise choices made by our ancestors that followed the Sun in the understanding that we inside our-cell-ves carry the light of limitless potential for harmony and beauty…

So beloveds a powerful day, a day the Mayans predicted the return of Kukulcan, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, the meeting of the serpent and the eagle, the base and the crown, returning balance to Earth… So let us all hold this intention that the balance of peace has now returned to our dear Mama Earth, and act as if it is so!

This is truly all it takes, to decide that it is so and to allow the pulse of purification to begin the job of cleansing the old in readiment for this New Time of Peace on Earth NOW!

For those amongst us that also chart the planetary alignments – The Red Moon and White Dog represent the planet Mercury as the messenger through which this information is delivered… The Serpent represents Maldek, and so today this divine feminine energy supports to purify the karma of Maldek, with its degradation of the feminine and our sexual divinity… The Monkey and the Star represent Venus and her occultation and hidden mysteries to come into the light… The Yellow Human brings our Earth and the wisdom of our planetary ancestors into the arena… Blue Eagle brings in Jupiter and our capacity to see the realities behind the false religions of the priests ‘power over’ paradigms…  The Wind activates Uranus with the Earth Speaking Tube that leads to freedom as we acknowledge our own spiritual connection… Dragon Mama is represented by Neptune and our intuitive response-abilities to caring and sharing for all that is unseen… And last but not least, the Storm and the Sun bring the mighty transformation of Pluto into the scene… So beloveds an action packed day, may we flow with our instincts without fear as we cleanse and purify all that will not support our childrens childrens children….


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  1. MALDEK was THE most blissful ecstatic realm and beings… Then the Luciferian energy blew the place apart (false time beam ) which resulted in THE ASTEROID BELT which wreaks the havoc problematic yuck yuck madness mess making.

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