Hello Planetary Kin…

Thankyou for joining me on the 13th and last day of the cycle of dreams… Today we become present to the transformative vision that reveals the answers to bring our planet into full abundance… More personally, each one of us may receive an understanding of how our worlds can change in order to allow the abundance of our Mother Earth to support us… We may get a hint of which unconscious patterns limit us and be prepared to see the changes occur within…

Today is supported by Yellow Cosmic Seed… And wow to focus fully on the highest potential of planting as many seeds as possible to ensure that we will be able to live and breathe on this planet – see here treesisters – the wisest initiative I have seen in a long time… Amazing Vision!!!

Today challenged yet strengthened by Red Cosmic Serpent… To be present for the rising of our instinct to survive as a spiritual awakening that is truly transcendental!

Todays hidden gift is White Magnetic Worldbridger… To magnetise the doorways that help us to go beyond mortality as a reality, to knowing ourselves as consciousness continually stepping from one world into another… Enjoying the journey of being surrendered and open to all opportunities to connect the web of life, living itself as if each day could be the last in this mortal coil…

Blessed be dear hearts, I give thanks for the divine vision that has been shared with me today!


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  1. Dearest Vasumi ,I am in Palenque ,met up with Raki from Hungary and Denuse ,I saw an eagle today after visiting a 13.20 community eljardin ,visioned by Martin,his friend you met in Israel with 5000 people ,forgot his name just now ,he sends his love he was very impressed with you sweetheart ,I wish I had your diaries with me to share they were impressed x I left a few pages behind one of my normal sharings xx it’s great here in the jungle we are at Jungle palace ,special time ,connecting awaiting kin to arrive for our GATHERING FOR JOSE THERE US ALSO A RAINBOW ON HERE SO MY H HAPPENING WE ARE AT PANCHAN SENDING MUCH LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU FROM THE MAYA LAND SISTAR XXXGALACTIC EARTH XX

  2. Vasumi, I so appreciate your TimeWave offerings especially now through the 22nd. I missed you while you traveled. As Red Serpent, today’s challenge is meaningful for survival and initiating anew. I will travel to Palenque to be in service to Stephanie and look to meet others like Vikki Cunningham at ceremony.

    1. Hi Delia, great to read your comment and I will be with you all in spirit from castle hill in new zealand… sending much love and harmony your way… blessings Vasumi

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