New Time Waves small bannerThroughout time the most profound truths have been shared through Story…

Most story has a profound pattern running through it that informs the sequence… On this programme I am introducing you to Story, Your Story, Her Story, His Story, Our Story and revealing the patterns that run through all of our lives as we go…

You may be able to relate to this, you may not, as I commit to my contract to just share Story to the best of my ability… My prayer is that some of you will relate and receive these transmissions, just as I do as transmitter, that they will reveal deeper meaning in your life, that you will find some guidance and courage within them to join me on this path to the New Time!!!

THE TIME OF CHANGEStory 1 relating to the Blue Storm Wavespell

1 Purpose: Storm – attracting change, the change agent, the catalyst

2 Stabilise: Sun/Human – anchoring light, physical independence

3 Activate: Dragon/Serpent – energising care, activating responsibility

4 Define: Wind/Mirror – measuring truth, defining reality

5 Empower: Night/Monkey – trusting dreams, magical intuitive abundance

6 Organise: Seed – organising future for balance, planting seeds

7 Inspire: Serpent/Earth – inspiring survival, listening to instinct, channelling life force

8 Integrate: Worldbridger/Dog – integrating compassionate bridging, heartfelt connection

9 Realise: Hand/Night – realising intuitive healing, healing the unconscious to access more energy

10 Manifest: Star/Warrior – manifesting art fearlessly

11 Liberate: Moon – releasing all to the flow, crying tears of liberation

12 Co-operate: Dog/Wind – devotion to spirit community

13 Presence: Monkey/Eagle – transcendent magic, trusting greater vision and creative mind

1 Archetype –

The wild child hell bent on change because all that he could see made no sense to him… The more he saw and felt, the more alien he felt, there was nowhere he could rest… Nothing felt ok, Nothing sang him up as a being… He felt like an alien in an alien world, surrounded by energy rushing through him and around him that would not rest… He was in the centre of the storm… Chaos personified!

2 The only thing he could do to get any rest was to be outside in the sunlight… Indeed when he allowed the Sun to go deep into his bones was the only time he enjoyed being in his body, so he would fill his body with the light and heat of the Sun and feel grounded here on Earth and all would be good… But then he would have to go back inside his home and again the energetic chaos would drive him crazy and he would have to choose to detach from it and go outside again… This became the pattern of his life, where he was, forever having to deal with energy that felt unreal and stuck as it was wrapped up in cultural thought forms that reeked of denial… And so he chose to be independent early on, for if he didn’t … craziness was definitely his to own….

3 At this point survival became his teacher, as he learnt how to respond to his instincts, finding them to be his best guide, teaching him a deep ability to respond to the moment and be more available for whatever life threw at him…

4 His mind became more open as he took more space from others and Spirit began to utter deep truths to him suggesting to dive deeper and deeper into contemplation and meditation … And he began to write and find that great truths would just channel thru him, as he set himself with pen and paper…

5 Life began to take on a mystical element and his dreams became vivid, magical and prophetic… And he was encouraged to trust his in-tuition…

6 He was shown that he needed to collect resources for the coming times, to collect the seeds of old, heirloom, untampered with seeds, so that vital life would not be killed through the great denial, and that the seeds could reach to their greatest and most natural potential… Through these actions he began to connect with others that were receiving similar messages and they began to organise their lives around collecting resources for a New Time…

7 They became inspired by survival and learnt that as they listened to their instinct they were coming into deeper and deeper resonance with the Earth herself and synchronicity began to guide them to all they needed… And so their attunement to the Earth and her messages became vital for their survival… so they listened deeper and more intently than ever before and the synchronicities would inspire them deeply as they attuned to the natural rhythms of the Earth and her cycles… Drawn to other species and how they insured their survival gifted them with great teachings…

8 They would meet others who were also having a hard time within the great silence of the deep denial and recognise and reach out to them, guided by the compassion of seeing others as themselves and feeling the struggle they were also facing by staying within that old way of being, as slaves to the great dishonesty… And they became initiators and opened doors for many to join them in the Great Change…

9 Knowledge was gained in the sharing, as the wounds of the great denial showed themselves, and all learnt to allow and trust the healing to occur… Accessed from the depths of each being, it was realised that all needed to face the many wounds they had incurred, in order to be healed… Along with that came the realisation that in order for real change to occur the depths of denial had to be plummeted and known in order to dive deeper again to the jewels that laid buried beneath the great silence, the wounds that had long been forgotten and had become a part of the accepted norm that made up what was blindly labelled ‘society’… And so they learnt to trust the healing, realising it as a necessary part of the process of Change… And so it was that each being faced fear and rose to create again… To be guided by their intelligence, to question all that got in the way of creating the most beauty-full lives that they could… To stand strong for harmony as they rose from the depths, to reach to perfect what it was to create elegant and meaningful lives beyond fear, flooded with beauty…

11 And with this floods of tears, the storm gates opened to the beauty that was possible, liberating all into reclaiming their senses… Able to feel again the most subtle nuances and sensitivities to divine flow… And so the great purification freed and flowed, reclaiming the ability to feel deeply and purely the consciousness that had so long been clouded…

12 And so came the willingness to join with others from a place of love, compassion and celebration… Knowing all as one, Spirit-guided in prayer and deep devotion, co-operating each with the other and with Spirits calling… Great song and celebration rang throughout the land as all joined as one, ushering in the Great Change into the New Time based on caring and sharing…

13 And so a greater vision was shown and sown and the people chose to trust in the magic of that creative vision and to understand themselves as one with the creator in their capacity to envision and be fully present in a world full of magic… And so was the presence of Inner-Sense seen and reclaimed and the world was Changed!

And so the original Archetype of the Wild Child transforms into the –

World Changer and here is her ode —

I am the Worldchanger

Coded by the Blue Storm

My number is nineteen

The power of all number

I am the master alchemist

The force behind the philosopher’s stone

Skilled at the arts of transmutation

I am the catalytic transformer

Of World consciousness and planetary living

I oversee the changes of the weather

I am the thunder that shatters your world systems

I am the transport of clouds filled with lightning

To illuminate the truth behind your illusions

I am the bringer of the drenching rain that purifies

It was I who caused the triple aspect monuments of the avatar archetype

To appear in the ancient temple grounds

I oversee the Morning and Evening stars

I behold the creator of the Fifth Sun, the Present world

Sent forth am I to dwell among you

Calling forth the Sixth Sun

For the Great Regeneration of the world soul

To know me is to know your own power of self-generation



A huge thankyou for that ode to Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South for their consistent sharings of the New Time Galactivations

This sharing is dedicated to all those beings on this planet that carry the codes (decode here) of the Worldchanger in their essence… Those children entrapped in the school systems, that some within the great denial seek to medicate, rather than face the truth of themselves as a cog in the machine of a world gone mad… May all those ‘Wild Childs’ find their way to transform first themselves, to becoming the Worldchangers they are born to be, then indeed Change the World…

To find your galactic signature codes and the codes of those around you, download 13:20:sync onto your phone and have the capacity to explore and expand… Or for those wise enough not to dive so deep into the technological age of smart phones, go to the Law of Time website above and expand into the Galactic Archetype you can be…

And re-member if you would like to explore your Galactic Archetype deeper in an hour and a half session… Check it out here… I would love to connect and assist with the galactivation that this brings ….

Blessed be!

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  1. Thanks Vasumi x sitting on a pot of tobacco as I read your story, both threads, smoke and story, weaving,sharing empowerment and trust…I feel blessed. .thank you x

  2. magnificent!! you have blessed us with a great gift in your writing!! thank you so much….perfect…much love

  3. Yes and Thankyou very much for your excellent post on blue magnetic storm tricena . I love the way you have told the story, also wanted to Thankyou for the astrological aspects in your journal, Great so simply are a great inspiration, there is a full programme for me as I read and learn more about the law of time constantly ….guiding my life, ….I love it and find the information so very wholesome and satisfying… Kind blessings and love & joy to you….Suni…yellow s.e. sun flint 7…..

  4. Thank you for the deeply resonant and moving story, Vasumi – I love the format of New Time Waves…feels to embody the inner and outer movement simultaneously…most inspiring as is all you’ve shared through Time Waves, “Old” and New 🙂

    Many Blessings

  5. These next number of years from 2022-2027, we call that the “Changeover Time”. And the next, 2022-2025 is going to be very, very intense. These are the real deceleration slow-down. There is going to be big stuff economically, food-wise, health and death and you are in the window of possible Earth changes during this particular time, because of the
    Uranus-Pluto squares.

    How do you deal with all this? How do you deal with weather wars, weather control, earth naturally releasing, the astrological influences dismantling everything, surrounded by Men?
    You ground yourself, you strengthen your auric field, you use the chakras to bring energy in and out. You use intentions, and you do it more and more consciously throughout the day. Its not something that you just do once and a while, its not something that you hear about on the weekends. It becomes your mode of operation. You begin to operate on a bunch of different levels.

That is what the ‘New Era’ will require to anchor it in.

The “Changeover Years” will be, again – be very, very intense. Then from 2025-2026 about 1 years there. That phase will be a re-examining of what consciousness is and who has consciousness. And really, in the United Earth – rewriting a Declaration of Independence & peace. And then working on what would be called a ‘New Constitution for Humanity’.

    And that you work with that body on an energetic level to bring it to its highest frequency. This is your path. This is your destiny. This is your inevitable challenge. And this is the legacy of the New Era.

And the machines, the toxicities – the more people wake up, the more psychic they get, you will have to deal with these beings and diminish them. You will not destroy them. Higher consciousness understands that these are lost beings. And they are lost from the truth, but they push you to awaken to the truth because of their shadow that wants to overtake you.

So, without them, you would be lazy. In the end you will thank them.
    Because it is part of the dynamic force of the multiverse. And if you forget everything else, remember this: you are powerful beings in the multi-verse. Its prime quality is goodness.
    Its goodness is so good that it allows darkness and evil and these things to work themselves out to discover that they, too, can find goodness.

    Planetary Vision

    The Time that we have been preparing for is NOW.

    Many do not realize the magnitude and whole systems aspects of what is currently unfolding on our Planet. It is beyond the scope of most human comprehension; It is of cosmic proportions.
    Planet Earth is the focal point for many other world systems.
    We are now experiencing the amplifcaton of frequency wars and the potential elec- tromagnetic enslavement of the entire species encapsulated by the artificial timing frequency.
    From a galactic perspective, the root of this frequency war can be found in the error- neous timing frequency, the 12:60 frequency.

    We are in the final days of this 12:60 frequency matrix.

    Stay vigilant.
    The 12:60 has its tentacles in all institutions and seeks total control over humanity, including its


    All that is occurring is to merge us with an artificial frequency grid.

    This 12:60 frequency can be understood as a subconscious implant that seeks to control and program our perceptions. This frequency seeks to maintain the illusion of our separation from

    one another, from Nature
    the Cosmos.

    Most people do not want to admit, or even believe, that all we have been taught about reality might be false; that our perceptions were formed and generated within a false artificial matrix: the 12:60.

    All of the work of the founder of the Law of Time is to warn us and prepare us for this Time.

    if humanity had not chosen a return to natural cycles.
    He reminded us that everything goes in cycles.

    There is a Time of Corruption and a Time of Redemption.

    The Prophecy of

    Pacal Votan

    is about Time and the Redemption …

    This Prophecy came to remind us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our


    not in machine intelligence.
    We are here to overcome our amnesia and remember who we are and what our true history is. Each person on stage is a

    coded frequency

    that points to a much larger narrative.

    The outer self we present to the world is but a mirror of an internal psychic process. The real learning occurs in the inner academy of the soul, where all the mysteries of creation lie dormant until their appointed time of discovery.

    The synchronic codes of the Law of Time contain vibrational keys to enter these doors of mystery. These doors open into the hallways of the New Earth, where colorful geometries dance, where music pours forth from the rocks, where everywhere light tells its beginningless tale.

    Those who read these words hold the keys to the Remembrance of the vows we took before this incarnation. We vowed to Not Forget our true essence, no matter how the world appears. We vowed not to get caught in the Hall of Mirrors or the Swamps of Sorrow.
    We vowed to keep our eye on the diamond of the sacred flame of truth. We vowed to remember that the New Heaven and New Earth are contained within us, not “out there.”

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