“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” Henry Havelock Ellis photo- bodhimandala
“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” Henry Havelock Ellis. Photo- bodhimandala

So here we are on Day 9 of the 13-day cycle of the Worldbridger, where we learn to surrender and let go, allowing new opportunities. According to Mayan Dreamspell Astrology, this is the name of the game, right now…

If you want to read deeper into this wavespell (13-day cycle) you can check previous blogs here

At the end of this cycle we will have a Dark Moon Solar Eclipse, falling on the first day of the Blue Storm Wavespell (March 8), bringing with it 13 days of catalysing change… It is always wonderful that we are prepared for this by the Worldbridger cycle, encouraging us to let go and welcome change and transformation in our lives… The Storm ushers in the chaos, where letting go of stuck ways of being and allowing bound-up energy to be released, we are gifted  pure free-wheeling chaos, whirling and transforming, heralding change…

human nelson mandelaFrom there we enter the 13-day cycle of the Yellow Human (March 21), where those Stormy experiences, gift a capacity to make greater choices for our own growth as connected to the whole, becoming wiser in our capacity to influence and therefore able to create a better world for ourselves and others… This is a journey from diving deep into our unconscious motivations, becoming aware of them, letting them go to become pure energy, transforming our failures into successes, by gifting the wisdom to make wiser choices, based on recognising and being real about our short-falls… The trick is to let go of any attachment to being wrong, or right, and turn around and face forward, with the wisdom of having seen, make better choices, from our own free will, allowing all to change within ourselves and others…

On another track, I have been looking at the effects of this coming Dark Moon Solar Eclipse and I love how all the systems I study, reveal the same deeper truths… All systems (e.g., Dreamspell, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology etc etc etc) as different portals from Source, revealing the same truths, in myriad different ways… There is no need for the archaic idea of divide and conquer, like ‘this is right, so this must be wrong’… Let us adapt this is right and so is this, and we can expand (Skywalker), bridge (Worldbridger) and transform (Storm) our own inner universes… And the evolution rolls on…

So back to the Dark Moon Solar Eclipse of March 8/9, on Blue Magnetic Storm and Yellow Lunar Sun (aaah nice synchronicity)… Here are listed a few other sites, with wonderful perspectives about this coming day and its repercussions…

Daniel Giamario with Shamanic Astrology – Very interesting for those with an interest in South-East Asia, where, interestingly enough, the Eclipse will travel over… He suggests reading the following –

Atlantis: the lost continent finally found 
By Prof. Arysio Santos, 2011 about which Daniel writes –

‘If you have ever been dissatisfied with the usual accounts about Atlantis, for example, somewhere in the Atlantic, possibly the Mediterranean, or even Antarctica, then prepare to have your mind blown here. And at this point in time for me, I am utterly convinced that the authors of these two books are correct about where “civilization” flourished during the Ice Age, and where the sea peoples set out from after the ice melted, and their continent was flooded.

The location is Sundaland. In the South Asian regions of Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, the Philippines, etc., as recently as 8000 B.C. was an entire continent above sea level.’

Leah Whitehorse A woman with wonderful perspectives…

Kaypacha thru MysticMamma – So eloquently sharing on the current transits that go hand-in-hand with the Worldbridger Wavespell…

So it looks like interesting times ahead… Letting go and allowing change, seem to be the focus…

Enjoy and remember, if you have a birthday coming up, you can enter your birthdate, with this year, and find the Kin you will be in, signifying the evolutionary learning for this year… Then enter that Kin number in the Search space at the top right hand corner of timewaves.org, to get a read out of the lessons you may be experiencing this year, or any year you put in there… This is a great practise, if there is a particular year that was especially challenging and you want a different perspective on what the learning was for that year… A very interesting exploration and experiment on the validity of this system as well… Enjoy the journey!

Sacred Mayan Theatre Bali 2012 at Fivelements
Sacred Mayan Theatre Bali 2012 at Fivelements

Also if you would like to look deeper into what this year holds for you, or get a birds-eye view of your relationships, feel free to book a session… For testimonials to get a sense of what you will receive check here

I will be traveling to Europe for this years summer and wanting to present Sacred Mayan Theatre and Mayan Dreamspell Teachings and offering sessions, so if any of you know any Festivals, or love to organise Venues or people that may be interested to support or be involved, please Kin-nect…

So to round off, it seems a time where we are focusing strongly on old patterns, becoming aware of them, and allowing them to dissolve into pure energy, where for a while we may know ourselves without boundaries as we swim in the waters of the great unknown and unknowable… And from these experiences, will gather a greater sense of the true essence of what we are – pure consciousness experiencing itself ever-changing, and hence, truly free!

Enjoy, let go and let yourself be!


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  1. Mmmhmm. ….thank you for this….clarity, outlining, vision of how you see the next steps.
    It’s all truly divinely a lined and can see all this it’s natural order arising in my life.
    Day 9 today – Worldbridger I am opened up to find this message from you right as I was seeking solice and surrendering. Thank you!

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