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Welcome to join me on the Lions Gate Portal on the 8/8, Blue Magnetic Hand 1.7, as I host Katharine Kinnie for a Facebook Live on my Vasumi Zjikaa fb page, the one with a sideways profile, at 8pm NZ time, 6pm East Coast Oz time, 4pm Perth/Bali time, 10am EU, 9am UK, 4am EST US and 1am PST US….
Kat is a Cosmic Numerlologist Extraordinaire and I love receiving her transmissions. We will be discussing the energies and significance of the day from a Cosmic Numerology and Mayan Dreamspell perspective. 🙂
So welcome to join us …



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    1. Hi Tessa… thanks for your enquiry… I primarily work with the Mayan Dreamspell that this website is dedicated to, and with Astrology I have dabbled with many ways over the past 35 years… At the moment I am bridging into 13 Sign Astrology, as it clicks deeply inside me, it works with the constellations where they are in the sky and I think it is the Astrology I always knew was there and it took this long to find those that created the structure for it… Let me know if you would like to book a session that covers both that Astrology and the Dreamspell.. Bless

  1. Awww so lovely to receive your comment and request… So happy to share a session with you… If you go to http://www.timewaves.org/soulsessions you can book there… I am meeting Dede tomorrow to discuss mentoring… There is also an option of doing mentoring with a few people at once, so we all learn each others codes, it is also a great way to learn together… Let me know what inspires you… bless

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