INITIATIONS OF THE HEALER – Hand Wavespell, Kins 27-39

BLUE HAND WAVESPELL, Kin 27-39: Thurs 30 April – Tues 12 May; Planetary Moon 27- Spectral Moon 11 Welcome all to the 13-day cycle of the Hand, bringing forth Healing, Knowledge and Accomplishment… 1 MAGNETIC – attract; HAND – knowledge, healing, accomplishment 2 LUNAR – stabilise; STAR – beautify, art, elegance 3 ELECTRIC – activate; MOON – purify, flow, universal […]

Blue Hand Wavespell, Kin 27-39

Dear Kin… After a couple of wavespells of traveling and break from the cyber world, I am returning on the morning of this Blue Hand wavespell to connect again and explore the coming Time together… The Blue Hand wavespell is the 3rd of the 20 x 13-day cycles that make up the Tzolkin of 260 […]