where does reality lie?

The White Magnetic Mirror begins the 13-day cycle of the White Mirror Wavespell, where all that is extraneous to survival, gets stripped away. Reflecting the buy soma online cheap endless order of reality, through the many dimensions of perfection and aligning pattern. The Mirror Wavespell prepares a channel for joy to be present, in the following 13-day Monkey Wavespell.

The Feng Shui of spirit is the Mirror cycle… After the intensity of the Serpent cycle, we are left humbled to be able to confront and look at all that is extra in our life, all that is not needed. And so the process of clearing that away, so that we may be vehicles of what is true and real in the moment. The sword cutting away, getting real with ourselves, each other and our environment.

We can call in Archangel Michael, with his sword of truth, to cut away. We can call in Kali, to reflect and cut away the unconscious conditioning of the mind, in order to align in the truth of the endless order of source.

So be prepared to reflect and be reflected, to become clear. When the reflection is yours … you can change it!

So blessed be dear kin, let us enjoy the journey of clearing and going deep in the hall of mirrors to uncover the jewels of divine reflection, reflecting the most divine shiny mirrors we can find, within the deep pool of Self.

And so mote it be…

Central Column of the Tzolkin

White Magnetic Mirror begins the journey that takes us into the central column of the Tzolkin. It is the first of 3 days that prepare us to enter the central column, on Day 4 of the White Mirror Wavespell, Red SelfExisting Dragon. In the central column lies the opportunity to evolve to a state of divine balance, with strong awareness of the desire body and where it leads, revealed through the previous Serpent Wavespell, producing a greater ‘desire’ to stay centred, stripping away all that is not necessary, in order for that balance to be present.

White Magnetic Mirror attracts the divine frequencies of order, truth, alignment and pure reflection from the cosmos. The Mirror is the knife or flint cutting through illusion, reflecting the truth of what simply is, in the bare bones of reality. Cutting away the stories of the mind, reflecting the isness of any given moment… Sacred order, sacred form, sacred geometries hold the keys for aligning to ever-evolving truth, within the cosmic order. Reflecting reveals both pure balance, and imbalance which we can strip away, in order to rebalance, to align to receiving the most divine truths…

Experiencing inner union is the barometer, a capacity of aligning with what is before and around us, revealing truth. We can liken the Mirror to the ‘Temple of Truth’, where the Feng Shui of spirit reveals perfect order. We can buy carisoprodol also liken the Mirror to a  knife or flint that cuts through the illusion of the unreal, reflecting the truth of what simply is, cutting away stories of the mind, reflecting the true ‘isness’ of any given moment. Sacred order, sacred form, sacred geometry hold keys revealing right alignment of the cosmic order, reflecting balance, revealing imbalance or disorder.

White Magnetic Mirror begins to reveal the truth, of who we are and what we carry, in this moment.

Support / Analog

The self-guided Red Magnetic Dragon, supports the White Magnetic Mirror. By attracting responsibility (ability-to-respond) for what has been reflected and follow up with nurturing and caring that may be needed to allow things to be stripped away, and to birth new patterns that may be of greater support to the path.

What supports this is Red Magnetic Dragon… As we deliver or receive raw reflections from ourselves or others, the most natural response is to care, to nurture, by assisting to break down untruths, in order to birth new patterns, that are more aligned to the essential truth of the path, in the moment.

This brings a sense of being birthed anew, from a place beyond pre-conscious memory, a raw place beyond the beginning, accessing energy from other dimensions from which new life and new energy is bEarthed onto our planet…


White Magnetic Mirror is self-guided. The only way learning occurs is through ones own internal journey, getting real about what no longer reflects the truth, being willing to cut away to attract new patterns. Seeking a direct route to truth, ready to dig deep to find the real.

Challenge that Strengthens / Antipode

The challenge that strengthens, is Yellow Magnetic Star, also self guided. Attracting beauty, harmony in order to create art, with a clear space to create in. Attracting beauty that lies beneath all illusion, the divine patterns of harmony that are revealed as untruths are stripped away.

White Magnetic Mirror is strengthened by rising to the challenge of finding union with the essential beauty lying beyond all illusion. Divine patterns of harmony, revealed underneath the patterns of glamour, as all but the perfected form of truth and order, is stripped away.

Hidden Gift / Occult

The hidden gift is Blue Cosmic Night, guided by the Hand, in the Monkey Wavespell. The very presence of magic is to trust to delve deep, into the collective unconscious, revealing that which needs healing.

Blue Cosmic Night is an internal gift, with a feeling to retreat to the cave. To align and hold presence for the deepest dreaming to emerge, revealing all that needs to be healed, in order to regain trust of the deepest in-tuition… Trusting the guidance of healing presence, to swim into the depths of the unconscious, uncovering child-like inner-sense to clear the debris of patterns bound in untruth…


The White Magnetic Mirror attracts balance and clarity as it prepares to enter the central column, the deepest journey of the Tzolkin, the journey to the shadow. The vast void of the Mother in the very centre! Clearing energy that is no longer useful or necessary for survival, in order to experience the inner and outer temples in crystalline clarity. To shine the mirrors, reflecting the glory of the bare bones, of what simply ‘is’!  True to Self amongst the many reflections received, in the hall of multidimensional mirrors.


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