Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror

The White Magnetic Mirror begins the 13-day cycle of the White Mirror Wavespell, where all that is extraneous to survival, gets stripped away. Reflecting the buy soma online cheap endless order of reality, through the many dimensions of perfection and aligning pattern. The Mirror Wavespell prepares a channel for joy to be present, in the following 13-day […]


RE-WEAVING THE TAPESTRY… And so today we entered the 13-day cycle of the Mirror… So nice to feel the alignment of the Mirror setting in after the intensity of the Serpent… We are entering the cycle of the Flint, the Sword, the Mirror that reflects the truth, and has the capacity to cut through the […]

White Mirror Wavespell, Kin 118-130

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Whoosh, life has been carrying us on the fast ride, the intensity of each moment leading to the next in a swift accolade of the need to be present to each task… This weary body is now totally prepared for the next stage of cutting to the quick of reality, revealing […]

Experience of Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror

So how did you all enjoy the intensity of that Serpent cycle,  I am still reeling!!! Perhaps as we enter this Mirror cycle with White Magnetic Mirror, we may allow all that raw life-force to enter into our pineal glands and fully activate our connection to multi-dimensional omniverses… Yep that sounds like a great thing […]