WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL – Thursday 30 July – Tuesday 11 August


Time to align yourself in natural harmonic time, releasing the conditioning of the disharmonic ‘power over’ paradigm…

So nice to feel the alignment of the White Mirror Wavespell setting in this morning, giving clear direction and simplicity so far, after the intensity of the Serpent… We are entering the cycle of the Flint, the Sword, the Mirror that reflects the truth, and has the capacity to cut through the crap, accessing the simple truth of each given moment… Reflecting the endless order of reality, through the many dimensions of perfection and aligning pattern… Walking the edge, it will bring us into balance. 

Here is a list of code words for each of the 13 days as they relate to 13 of the 20 glyphs…

1 – Magnetic, Attracting the Mirror -Truth, Endless Order, Reflection

2 – Lunar, Anchoring, Stabilising with the Storm – Change, Self-Generating Energy, Catalyse

3 – Electric, Activating, Serving with the Sun – In-deep-end-dance, Light, Sovereignty

4 – SelfExisting, Defining the Form with the Dragon – Response-ability, Birth, Nurturing

5 – Overtone, Empowering and Radiating with the Wind – Channeling, Communication, Spirit

6 – Rhythmic, Balancing and bringing Equality with the Night – In-tuition, Dreams, Abundance

7 – Resonant, Inspiring and Channeling with the Seed – Potential for Flowering, Co-creation & Focus

8 – Galactic, Integrating with the Serpent – Survival, Instinct, Life Force

9 – Solar, Realising and Pulsing Intention with the Worldbridger –Surrendering & Networking Opportunity

10 – Planetary, Producing and Manifesting with the Hand – Accomplishment, Knowledge, Healing

11 – Spectral, Liberating and Releasing with the Star – Create, Art, Beauty

12 – Crystal, Co-operating and Dedicating with the Moon – Purity, Flow, Universal Water

13 – Cosmic, In Presence with the Dog – Love, Loyalty, Heart


And so onto the Story of the White Mirror Wavespell, that of course begins as all stories begin…

Once upon a time …

White Magnetic Mirror

1  … there was a girl, sharp as a whistle, clear in her journey, reflecting purely what she saw… It was as if she had mastered the art of survival, by being present in the moment with exactly what was there, aligned in the core of her being… At times this would land her in trouble, as she would see through any attempts to create what was not, preferring to cut through and break things down to the reality was… She was naturally drawn to martial arts and to the sword…

Blue Lunar Storm

2  From this place of base reality, she generated a lot of energy, through pushing the boundaries, transforming illusion into pure energy… Energy stuck and held in untruth, beckoned her like a moth to a flame… Like a whirling dervish, or Japanese samurai she would move into action generating enough energy to change the very molecules of the physical reality around her… This was the magic she loved to play with, as she grew and experimented with the perceived physical boundaries of reality… She enjoyed the chaos of unbound energy…

Yellow Electric Sun

3  As she played with transforming physical realities, she felt light electrically charging her being, as she was stripped more of any unrealities… Feeling greater potential for growth, as others also were drawn to her charged energy… In this she became emotionally independent, as others did not understand her intensity, even though they were drawn to her and gained from it… And yet they could not get too close, as she moved on her own, always focusing on what could be, driven to find the source of the spark of light on this razors edge of reality. Poised, alive and bright…

Red SelfExisting Dragon

4  Her mind was on fire when old stuck patterns were apparent, as she listened keenly for inherited conditioning, assisting to evolve patterns forward… She was drawn to help others to think in new ways that assisted their evolution… This led to birthing new thought forms, of nurturance and respect, evolving forward all that had been inherited… She followed signs, responding steadily to synchronicities, inching forward, always riding the edge of life, birthing new ways of thinking and responding, revealed through that very alert mind….

White Overtone Wind

5  The synchronicity developed in her a devotion to spirit, as she recognised greater powers at play… She loved nothing better than to become one with the wind, allowing its Spirit to radiate through her… In this way, she became empowered, movement aligned in spirit, swift and precise, in pure devotion to Spirit blowing through her…

Blue Rhythmic Night

6  She found balance in retreat, as her dreams revealed a deep intuitive knowing of a world out of balance… In the deep unconscious of her dreaming world, she would tap into collective greed and fear, accessing deeper layers through questioning that fear, diving deeper again, until she found the root of abundance and the release of lack… She shared all she had, as she was driven to bring equality to addressing the imbalance, of the sharing of resources on this planet…

Yellow Resonant Seed

7  The depth of this dreaming of abundance for all beings, became the roots that inspired her to rise higher towards greater and greater potentials… Growing strong, rising fearless, inspiring quest-i-oning of inhibition and limitation… Folk gathered to her, finding strong resonance, as she focused on higher potentials, inspiring others to grow with her, fearlessly leading the charge to a more just world, as she reflected the truth of what was, and aimed on raising the bar, off limitation…

Red Galactic Serpent

8  At this point her mind was instinctive and sharp, her limbic brain accessing pure consciousness, bringing integration… She became a model swords-woman, quick, agile, always a few steps ahead, as she walked the tight-rope of truth, reflecting purely all that came before her, assisting all to flow into greater truth…

White Solar Worldbridger

9  She became light on her feet, a pure pulse of consciousness… Spirit guided her to the doorways that were ready to be opened, initiating those ready to walk through into new ways of being… Many opportunities came her way, as she surrendered completely to Spirits calling, realising the web of life revealed through connecting people, to their higher calling…

Blue Planetary Hand

10  She could also see where healing was needed, administering through her hands, as she saw deeply into the manifest physical reality… Much was accomplished and healed, yet always with more to accomplish, as her far-reaching vision revealed… She chose to spend time on mountain tops and after each sojourn, she was like a wind blowing down onto the plains to manifest with a greater level of perfected accomplishment…

Yellow Spectral Star

11  As great accomplishments were manifested, she would seek solace in nature, where she could release all energy of the battle for right, into the beauty of the creator… She would paint, draw and enjoy creating within the beauty reflected all around her… Playing music assisted her to release energies built up over time, and deep tears would roll down her cheeks with the beauty of creation,  freed from oppression…

Red Crystal Moon

12  She brought this deep sensitivity, back to the community through responding with a fluid, depth of caring and nurturing… The purity of her mind, as she reached out to others was evident and all felt nurtured and able to flow with more sensitivity, as they connected with her… Old thought forms were revealed for purification, as they responded to the purity of her mind, allowing a natural sharing and caring, reflecting the truth of pure and sensitive common-unity and co-operation…

dog worldbridger heart webWhite Cosmic Dog

13  She came to embrace all, holding a beautiful, receptive presence, where all felt included and loved, reflecting the deep truth of unconditional love.. None were turned away as she embraced the divine truth of love… And in her presence a lot of the darkness of shame was purified, as all desired to merge and become one, in the divine receptivity of her anchored love…

And so our wonderful Heroine came home to the heart and laid down the sword, with deep respect for all it had shown her… How it had assisted her to cut away all that was not of the ultimate truth… She placed it on her altar and sent gratitude to the Spirit of Truth (represented by Archangel Michael), as she embodied the divine feminine, thanking God/dess for the wonder of reflection, and its capacity to cut through to the quick of LOVE…

Blessed be dear hearts, blessed be you, on this journey of Truth and reflection, over this next 13-day cycle of the White Mirror Wavespell… To read more about the author. And to learn more about the codes of the Maya as they relate to you personally.


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  1. Omg vasumi,this is sooo beautiful,totally where I’m at on some levels with this magical timeless wave spell of mirror… glad its true,glad I wasn’t just imagining it…..*

  2. Hmmmmmm…each of US

    within All form’s
    of All thing’s
    Play’s a part
    Within the EVERYTHING!

    …bye and bye,
    Nothing really touches each of US
    In Greater Way’s
    Than Pure Self’Recollection

    You All’Way’s
    K’NOW’…what you truly
    K’NOW’…before you Know
    HOW YOU K’NOW’ IT!!!

    Awake, Aware and Alert
    Attention and Intention

    Peace’full’ly DREAM’IN
    ‘PASS’ I’ON’ATE’LY’…’A’W’A’A’A’K’E ‘…
    NEW EARTH ~♡♡♡♡~

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