Codex of Mayan Origins

The most amazing and most recent rediscovered Codex of Mayan origins… An amazing read… Blessed be V

0.0 HUNAB KU / February 29 2016 – Leap Year

0.0 HUNAB KU February 29.2016 On the leap year day of the Gregorian Calendar, we have an opportunity to celebrate one of the 13 days every 52 years that mark the alignment of a day dedicated to Galactic Centre… A day that re-aligns the yearly orbit of the Earth around the Sun of 365.25 days that over […]

The Oracle that I share in blog posts and how it works…

In response to a subscriber, here is the formula for the oracles that I have decoded in the Daily posts… Here we will look at the energy of Red Planetary Dragon… To find the guide is easy, it just requires some calculations… All Magnetic (1), Rhythmic (6) and Spectral (11) tones are self-guided, and then […]

Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey (self guided)

We give thanks today to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan for a lifes work that is enabling us to continue to Uncover the Harmonic Matrix… Jose was born on Blue Spectral Monkey day and dedicated his life to liberating the magic of the patterns that lead us to true birthing… He initiated the worlds path to 2012 […]

Kin 207: Blue Crystal Hand (guided by the Storm) – Dec 21 2012

Today marks only two Tzolkin rounds till the date of December 21st, 2012… The most speculated date on the planet today… The day that anything could happen, and that has been cast into our genetic memory as a wake up call for humanity… When we let go of looking for the so-called ‘experts’ to tell […]