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To read about any day… Go to ‘Find Your Signature‘, it will open up our Motherships website page and there you enter the Gregorian (12-month calendar) date for the day you are looking for…   Find the Kin number for that day… Return to this site and go to the Search Icon above on the […]

Kin 50: White Spectral Dog

Dear Planetary Kin… Today with sovereignty shining through us, being deeply connected to our own in-deep-end-dance, we are at liberty to join with others, without losing our sense of self, in fact we find freedom through joining with others… The freedom to bond without losing ones light is what White Spectral Dog offers today… We […]

Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today we manifest sovereignty, by listening for the flow of synchronicity… To go with ones own flow, unimpeded by the confining box of societal norms… It is a great day for purifying, cleansing, honouring the earth and her waters with prayer, bathing and washing that we may shine as the bright […]

Kin 48: Yellow Solar Star

Hi folks… Today is the 9th day of the Sun wavespell, where we are learning the new value of sovereignty and independence… Today we realise these qualities, through focusing all our attention on the highest potential creations of beauty and harmony and allowing that energy to pulse through us… Knowing ourselves as creators with Source […]

Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed

Dear Kin… Today we find spiritual power or Mana (Maori and Hawaiian language) through joining with others of influence, to seed wisdom, co-creating from a place where all are able to shine their lights independently, with no sense of need… Joining with others to give of ones light and focus together on the highest potentials […]

Kin 43: Blue SelfExisting Night

Good Morning Planetary Kin… It has been brought to my attention again in the last couple of days, the plight that is facing the indigenous peoples of our planet, in a way that has ruptured my heart… The desire of corporate greed is such a diabolical disease, that it is attempting to kill off those […]

Kin 42: White Electric Wind

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So today we are on day 3 of the Sun wavespell of Illumination, Enlightenment and Sovereignty… A 13-day cycle where we get to explore these aspects and stand up to shine the light that we are and claim our independence… Today I would like to devote this sharing to Rahb Callahan, […]

Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm

Dear Planetary Kin… Today is the 13th and last day of the healing Hand wavespell… Today healing is in a pure of state presence as we allow deep transformation of all that lies in the subconscious…. Becoming catalysts as the energy that has been hidden arises to transform ourselves and the lives of those around […]

Kin 35: Blue Solar Eagle

Good Morning beloveds… Today is the 9th day of the Hand wavespell of Healing and Accomplishment… Today healing is realised as we witness, seeing the bigger picture  and trusting… We are guided to trust that all that is necessary to be accomplished will be… Today we are able to see further than we have before… […]

Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard

Good Morning planetary kin… Today is the 8th day of the Hand wavespell of Healing and Accomplishment… Today we integrate the last days through our minds receptivity to recognising patterns… In reflecting upon the patterns that occur, healing is integrated, as a greater receptivity and opening is available… The mind becomes still and honed to […]