And so to the Night wavespell we flow and the story of Abundance, Intuition and the Dreaming for our planet… 1 MAGNETIC attracting – NIGHT Abundance, Intuition, Dreaming 2 LUNAR stabilising – SEED Target, Awareness, Flowering 3 ELECTRIC activating – SERPENT Survive, Instinct, Life Force 4 SELF EXISTING defining – WORLDBRIDGER Surrender, Opportunity, Death 5 OVERTONE […]

Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent (Friday 16 August / Magnetic Moon 22, Dali)

On the third day of the Night wavespell we activate the dreaming of abundance through an enlivened sensitivity to the flow of life force… We become charged as we become sensitive to the strongest waves of energy that activate and ensure survival… Predawn we are receptive and open to many dimensions of ancient wisdom coming […]

Kin 183: Blue Magnetic Night ‘Attracting Abundance’

Good evening planetary kin… So today started the 13 day cycle of abundance that comes from listening to our in-tuition… Our intuition is connected to the iron crystal core at the centre of Earth Mama… That crystal is said to hold the programme for our planet, which is ‘Abundance for all beings’… As long as […]

Kin 243: Blue Solar Night (guided by the Storm) / Spectral Moon 10 / May 11

Hello Beloved Kin… So today is the day to dream the great transformation… Today we realise that the greatest vision is to fully free up all the abundant energy held in the collective unconscious… We realise this abundance as it emerges from the collective dream to pulse our most creative vision… Todays support is Yellow […]