TIME FOR ‘AWAKENING’ – Kins 53-65, Red Skywalker Wavespell 5

RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL Welcome to the Time of Awakening as we are in this cycle that encourages us to explore, expand, open and awaken, to our place within the universe, to look deeper into the #’meaning of life’… We will explore this cycle through the medium of story, as has been through time immemorial, the way to […]

COSMIC BIRTH OF THE NEW HUMAN – Sun Wavespell, Kins 40-52

YELLOW SUN WAVESPELL, Kin 40-52:  Wed 13 – Mon 25 May; Spectral Moon 12-24 Welcome to the next of the 20 x 13-day cycles of the Tzol-Kin – meaning to Count Light – which is exactly what we will do, in this cycle of the Sun… Counting the days of radiant light that create us to be sovereign, […]

Kin 164: Yellow Galactic Seed – Happy New Year (Friday 26 July)

Happy New Year and New Time beloved kin… Today is the 1st day of the New Year and the New Time, as we find it reflected in the astrological map that is reveals the stars gathered as a hexagram around the Earth, celebrating the dawn of a new age, signifying all life coming into balance, […]