YELLOW SUN WAVESPELL, Kin 40-52:  Wed 13 – Mon 25 May; Spectral Moon 12-24

Welcome to the next of the 20 x 13-day cycles of the Tzol-Kin – meaning to Count Light – which is exactly what we will do, in this cycle of the Sun… Counting the days of radiant light that create us to be sovereign, connected to Source as in-deep-endent Self…

1 MAGNETIC – attract; SUN – life, enlighten, universal fire

2 LUNAR – stabilise; DRAGON – birth, being, nurturing

3 ELECTRIC – activate; WIND – channel, communicate, breath

4 SELFEXISTING – define; NIGHT – intuition, dream, abundance

5 OVERTONE – empower; SEED – targets, flowering, awareness

6 RHYTHMIC – organise; SERPENT – instinct, survival, life force

7 RESONANT – attune; WORLDBRIDGER – death, opportunity, let go

8 GALACTIC – integrate; HAND – knowledge, healing, accomplishment

9 SOLAR – realise; STAR – harmony, beauty, art

10 PLANETARY– manifest; MOON – flow, purify, universal water

11 SPECTRAL – liberate; DOG – love, heart, loyalty

12 CRYSTAL – co-operate; MONKEY – trust, magic, joy

13 COSMIC – presence; HUMAN – free will, wisdom, influence


So yet again thru story we will follow the path of light, as we step forward in life…

Birth of Sun –

1 The Radiant force of the Sun beamed strongly on the day of our Heros bEarth. His father felt this and knew to allow his woman to weave this journey for herself… She felt the full force of this radiant light giving her the strength and patience of a Lion, receiving the fire of the Sun, ready to ignite in the purrrfect moment…

2 In this way she responded to the pull of the Earth and opened in purrfect cadence with her raw instinct, feeling the expansion of Earth in relation to Sky. The Strong light and heat of the Sun beckoning her to expand into the depths of the Earths most treasured act of Birth.

3 A new spark of life was activated with the emergence of our Hero… His first breath, opening doorways for spirits calling… Opening the doorway of the senses, as a new light emerging and all felt the bridge between the Spirit world and that of Human, opening a doorway to and from the illuminated light of Source….

4 With the childs’ eyes closed the parents could feel a deep telepathic connection, wherein all the dreams they held were being transformed, by the added dreaming of this new being…

5 And with the recognition that came as he opened his eyes, the parents were able to see into the ancient connections that were held between them, with a prophetic promise of re-emerging now, to fulfill an age-old contract, to Seed a new world… In this moment they all felt the power of this ancient future vision, activated into feeling an added commitment to following this path, bonded as one…

6 And so Life began for our Hero, and he grew vital and alive, fully in the here and now, connected strongly to his body and the life force that grew him strong… He loved to live life on the edge, as if he didn’t, he would take up too much room with an inflated sense of self… It kept him alive and in balance to face fear and live life on the edge, it enhanced his sense of balance and equilibrium to continually test and balance the polarities of life in a physical body…

7 This allowed him to surrender completely to his senses, allowing them to guide him in natural lore… He maintained his connection to spirit in this way, by being a bridge to all that was right and ordered by the laws of illuminated Source. In this he could channel what was needed in the moment, inspired to reflect the truth that created bridges of connection between the worlds…

8 His connection with the many worlds allowed him to gain knowledge of the patterns of Light, trusting w
hat came in this way, he developed a keen knowledge of the order of pure magic… This knowledge he shared with others to assist with the healing of the minds of those burdened by the old ‘power over’ paradigm…

9 And so he realised that he was here to focus on co-creating harmony as an art form, becoming artful in his recognition of the prophecy of Seeding the New World, and focusing on creating beauty in the world in a creative way… Indeed he came to realise that this is indeed what pulsed through him, direct from Source, allowing himself to strongly focus on the highest potential of creativity to grow through him… Living the revelation of ‘Time is Art’!

10 And so flowing with Synchronicity became his art form, guided by his increasing sensitivity to the Earth and her cycles and his capacity to flow with the pulse of harmony that transpired through the Earth and her Waters… He came to love the water and became as the water, fluid in his following of synchronicity, perfecting the movement of pure fluid light in his life…

11 In this flow, he found freedom in recognising the light in others, who then felt liberated to share their own light… And his soul family came to be in the freedom of pure love…

12 This brought a deep joy, as he saw that his dreaming was shared by many… He came to trust his in-tuition, which encouraged him to share the magic of his dreaming with many more… He trusted his initial dreaming as the magic of it came to unfold in the shared and abundant creativity and common unity of those around him… And in the silence of their deepest collective dream, through telepathy the magic of new patterns and ways of being, were shared…

13 And so was born the Cosmic Human… The one connected to the light, choosing to live that light fearlessly… Guided to question, allowing the presence of wisdom to transcend fear… Co-creator with the light, in his very presence, influencing courage in all….


And so beloveds our Hero came to be a transcendent Cosmic Human, which is the opportunity we may each also evolve into in this cycle, in our own unique way….



And re-member if you would like to journey with me to find your unique contract and gifts, and where you sit in the evolving lessons of life… … feel free to contact me and we can set up a recorded skype session and discuss an exchange that is equally rewarding for both of us…


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      1. And for those that would love to receive a sound trance-mission of your own frequency via birthdate and codes of Astrology and Mayan Dreamspell, Rahb (White Electric Wind) is your man… Amazing technology channeled direct from Spirit to activate your Light and open doorways for you… Highly recommended!

        1. The AstroSoundAlchemy web service is not yet launched and will be around June or July when the actual Sample Track is uploaded to replace the track presently posted which only was used to enable site construction. It has no resemblance whatsoever to the upcoming AstroSoundAlchemy work.

  1. The readings are making more sense with the story illustrating much.
    gypsy lola
    red cosmic moon

    1. Thanks beauty… great to get the feedback, and yes story is such an amazing way to share the deep wisdom… Brings it into a more personal relatable reality, rather than the abstract logical way… Is the way wisdom has been shared throughout Time… plus it is super activating for me to write… Book coming… thank you again for your comment… xx

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