Kin 119: Blue Lunar Storm, Happy New Year 2020

This year of Blue Lunar Storm, anchors our capacity to reflect the truth, by being willing to trust the transformation of energy that accompanies realignment… Strong physical energy catalyses change as we play with the edges of previous boundaries to reveal their illusory nature, bringing a sense of elementary magic to the fore… This may […]

Blue Lunar Storm, Kin 119

Today is Blue Lunar Storm and it inspired a call out to my dear friends Elah & Ausierra. Two inspiring Rainbow Warriors sharing there love of the Earth and the awakening through music and ceremony… They anchored Cacao Ceremonies in Bali every week for a couple of years in Bali, activating a planetary tribe of […]

Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun (guided by the Human) / Magnetic Moon 22 / August 16

Happy 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence – Aug 16, 17 1987… Today is the 2nd day of the Storm wavespell… Lunar Sun asks us to stabilise the chaos of the Storm by becoming independant, choosing to walk in sovereignty on the earth… To allow the sunshine to allow us to be in our bodies, […]