Kin 95: Blue SelfExisting Eagle (May 18, ’13),

Good Morning all… Today is the 4th day of the Human wavespell… The 4th day operates on the mental plane, and today coupled with the Eagle energy that brings creative mind, the trusting of the greater vision of the Eagle defines the process of free will as the capacity to trust what we see and […]

Kin 225: Red SelfExisting Serpent ‘Instinctive Mind’

Beloved Kin… Today is the 4th day of the Wind wavespell… Today we define what it is to channel and allow ourselves to be the conduits for spirits messages… This occurs when the primal mind is able to respond instinctively to any impulses and allow direct communication to be expressed… We are all Spirit, we […]

Kin 95: Blue SelfExisting Eagle / Mind flies!

Good Morning Planetary Kin… On first note, I wish to acknowledge the entirely new stream of energy flowing in, yesterday was Huge, the energy arriving was so new, so unfelt, so different as to insite true awe inside… So just needed to acknowledge that as I noticed there were many more people attuning in yesterday […]