Red Cosmic Moon year – July 26 2018 – July 25 2019

Welcome to the RED COSMIC MOON Year. This is such a POTENT year! The 13th year of a 13-year cycle of PURIFICATION with the RED MOON. This year has been prepared for by learning to co-create in the previous Yellow Crystal Seed year. We learnt to quest-i-on any fears around coming together to use our collective […]


Welcome to the Cycle of the Flow and Purification gifted to us direct from Pure Consciousness… 1 MAGNETIC Attraction – MOON Flow, Purify, Universal Water 2 LUNAR Stabilisation – DOG Love, Heart, Loyalty 3 ELECTRIC Activation – MONKEY Play, Magic, 4 SELFEXISTING Definition – HUMAN Free Will, Wisdom, Influence 5 OVERTONE Empowering – SKYWALKER Explore, Expand, Awakening […]

Kin 101: Red Planetary Dragon ‘ Manifesting Response-able Flow’

Aloha! So this is on of those days that although I don’t feel I am doing anything constructive, I am actually when I feel into it going with the flow of my responses, honouring my capacity to care for others in that flow… Honouring my sense of responsibility to the community through manifesting the opportunity […]

Kin 90: White Crystal Dog (guided by the Wind) / Lunar Moon 4

Good Morning beloveds… So today is the 12th day of the 13 day Storm cycle… With Crystal Dog after having released all surplus energy yesterday and also liberated any sense of motive, we are now available to co-operate with others… The Crystal tone represents the highest level of mind, the minds capacity to operate with […]

Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon (self guided) / Lunar Moon 3

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is Day 11 of the 13 day Storm wavespell… Today with Spectral Moon, we liberate change through our capacity to express our emotions sensitively and in the flow… Allowing the change that has been catalysed to reveal a very pure and refined way to flow with energy that needs to […]

Kin 249: Red Lunar Moon (guided by the Dragon)

Today we face the challenge of anchoring spiritual harmony on the planet, thru taking responsibility for cleansing the waters of our planet… In todays climate where those that are afflicted with a big dose of greed, are blind to the importance of the cleanliness of our waters, we do face this challenge quite strongly… The […]

Kin 239: Blue Overtone Storm (guided by the Hand)

To know that change is the only constant, is to empower our far-seeing vision… The knowledge that this too shall pass, allows us to set our sights on ever greater radiances of energy… The power of accomplishing change, catalyzing transformation within the energy matrix… Empowering ever more radiations of energy to be guided towards the […]